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Anne Rice

I read, and enjoyed, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (and the film was excellent too). Then I tried to read most of the other Vampire Chronicles but I gave up on each one after about a hundred pages. I really don't like Anne Rice at all - I don't think she's a very good writer; she fills up her prose with flowery descriptions, she always promises explicit action but never delivers, she's very long-winded and I find her extremely pretentious. I much prefer writers who write in, what I call, the 'Hemingway-style' - clear, concise descriptions, well developed characters whose development doesn't interfere with the momentum of the plot and a story that carries the descriptions (rather than the other way around).
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I accidentally posted this as a new thread. I meant it as a response to the other 'Anne Rice' thread below.

My reply was ok as a response - but it seems a little rude as a topic for a new thread! I don't like Anne Rice - but I don't want to start a new thread just to anger her fans!
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i have tried to read a few of her books, but i didnt really like them. i found them to boring and i will agree on the points about being long winded and pretentious. she just never seems to go anywhere, and for some reason, i find it hard to get into her characters.
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I never read any of her shit...never really got interested. But I'll buy one of her books now and tell ya what I think of it, boys 'n girls.
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Get "Queen Of The Damned"
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Yeah, Queen of the Damned has a lot of action in it compared to the others and don't let the horrid movie scare you away. THe book is a lot better.

My only problem with Anne Rice is her long winded descriptions and so on. But they don't bother me a whole lot, because she does a great job of painting a vivid picture for the mind's eye. For example her descriptions of Merrick in Merrick constantly left me pitching a tent in my pants while readign the book

She definitly is the polar opposite of Hemingway.
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