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Video Capsule: Falling Down (9/10)

Falling Down

Year Of Release: 1993

Stars: Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, Barbra Hershey.

Falling Down is probably the best film of 1993. The film is about a former defense worker who violently lashes out at the urban world which caused his frusturations after being caught in a traffic jam. He just wants to get home and see his daughter for her birthday despite the restraining order against him. Michael Douglas probably gave his best performance yet as Bill "D-FENS" Foster, he was brilliant in the role. Robert Duvall was also good as the retiring police officer trying to catch him. Joel Schumacher gives viewers a surreal look at urban life in Los Angeles, and how it can take an emotional toll on some people. A highly underrated film that deserved more.

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First of all, I saw this on TV, so, between commercials I saw the whole film, and it feels like in pieces. It does however contain one of my favorite film scenes, in the Fast-Food burger restaurant--funny stuff. As for the rest of the film I felt it kind of lost its grip in the last half hour or so. Not much in terms of substance. Douglas was pretty good, I doubt its his best performance. Robert Duvall is just as solid as the cop-on-his-last-day-on-the-job trying to catch the mentally disturbed Douglas. Also, I didn't really get into the lead character for some reason, he just didn't click. The ending also felt very flat, since it was obvious what was going to happen. Overall, a decent flick, nothing special.
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I really, really enjoyed this movie. Very different, strange, absurd, and funny. I loved Michael Douglas in this movie. He was so great, and his little "adventure" was an interesting ride. Robert Duvall's chracter was a little cliched, though. I loved the plot, and the themes and metaphors were great. This was just a very different movie, and I loved it. Not the best movie ever, but it was enjoyable.

My Rating: 8/10
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Very good for most of the movie, but I agree it slides downhill around the scene with the golfers. Micheal Douglas is great here, and I can understand how he feels.



Ebert's review for this one is one of his best.

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