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Reviews: Cradle 2 The Grave

JoBlo's 5/10 review of CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/cradle2thegrave.htm

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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Just got back from seeing Cradle 2 The Grave. Well it was nothing new, it was entertaining. Jet Li was nothing new, but I was very entertained by DMX. The fight scenes were alright, a little chessy but ok, like I said nothing new. The best one was in the cage with the midget but I won't spoil it for you All in all it is a very good "popcorn" movie worth checking out if you have nothing else to do.
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Yeah I just got back from seeing it also, an ok 'popcorn' flick i suppose, but sometimes it just becomes ludicrous. But i had a good time making wise ass comments to my friend through the entire thing

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Cradle 2 the Grave(2003)-5/10

Cradle 2 the Grave is just another in a long line of ill-conceived bad action films that pits rappers with kung-fu stars and a funny white guy for comic relief. An excuse to sell soundtracks with blaring, offensive rap tunes and guys like DMX to have some sort of career in the movie industry. I wasn't expecting much going into this film and that's pretty much what I got. DMX plays Tony Fait a high-class thief who leads a high-risk diamond heist to obtain very rare and valuable "black diamods" which are much more than they seem...as we find out later. The other members of his team include friend and partner in crime Miles played by Drag-On?!(What the hell kind of name is this?!), sexy temptress Daria played by Gabrielle Union and diversion and disguise expert Tommy played by the usually fun Anthony Anderson. At first the robbery is a success until their contact sells them out to Su played by Jet Li who plays an ass-kicking Taiwanese intelligence agent...who is trying to get back the black diamonds for the Taiwanese government, where the diamonds came from. Another interested party in the loot is Ling played by Mark Dacascos, a ruthless thief and killer, and he is partnered with sultry bitch Sona played by Kelly Hu. He plans to sell the diamonds on the black market to various world arms-dealers because of their destructive power(Hilariously stupid watching these people bid for the diamonds). He kidnaps Fait's little daughter so that he can get the diamonds from him. Basically the whole movie is DMX teaming up with Jet Li and his other cohorts to get his kidnapped daughter back. Joining them is Archie played by Tom Arnold, a bumbling, obnoxious weapons and arms dealer and basically the comic relief of the film. There is even an appearance by Chi McBride as a imprisoned crime boss living in luxory. The plot is redundant and overdone and the characters are card-board cliches as usual. The action scenes are somewhat interesting but nothing spectacular, except a pretty amusing and cool cage/ring fight and a chase through L.A. involving an ATV. As per usual we get the loud and offensive rap soundtrack supplied by DMX. The movie is slickly made and fast paced, but still this is standard fare. Overall, Cradle 2 the Grave is what it is...a fast-paced action film with rappers, kung-fu stars, hot babes and sporadic comic relief. We've seen it done and overdone in the past few years and this is just another one to add to the list.
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wow! ive never been so amazed after seeing a movie in a LONG time. this flick was one hell of a ride!

i dont like giving away anything so ill just tell you this...a bunch of dudes want to steal some "black diamonds". all of a sudden this chinese cop dude (Li) arrives and tries to steal them back. but then DMX and Li team up to stop some other chinese dude from selling some nuclear stuff to a bunch of weird auctioners.

anywho screw the plot this is one awesome movie. the fight scenes are amazing. the style of this film was incredibly. good stuff.
hey Gabrielle Union...call me!!!

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This movie was kinda corny. I dont know. It just didnt seem realistic. I think could have done better.
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