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Reviews: John Q.

JoBlo's 6/10 review of JOHN Q. can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/johnq.htm

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Old 02-16-2002, 06:12 PM
When a trailer is as stirring and emotionally charged as the trailer for John Q., the movie must be a great piece of cinema. That however is not the case. John Q. is a mediocre film, that's it.
John Q. stars Denzel Washington as John Q. Archibald, a lower class family man trying to make ends meet. He has a loving wife Denise (Kimberly Elise) and a devoted son Mike (Daniel E. Smith). The Archibalds problems arise when Mike has a seizure at a Baseball game and must be rushed to the hospital when they learn he needs a heart transplant or he's going to die. The problem is that the transplant is going to cost $250 grand and the Archibalds insurance does not cover it, the hospital becomes cold to the Archibalds demanding they pay up or no transplant. Then John takes matters into his own hands.

The acting in the film is all over the board. Washington is superb as John Q. The frustration, anger and sadness he displays was so effective. I've never been a big Denzel fan, that is until now. What agreat performance.
Kimberly Elise in her supporting role as Denise gives it her all. She was great and displayed a mothers love so well it seemed authentic. Kudos to her.
Anne Heche stars as the Hospitals head honcho. Her character is a total bitch. The coldness she lets out is chilling. Too bad her character wasn't so one dimensional because she is so despised in the film. Heche does a good job however with what she has to work with.
Ray Liotta is wasted as the Chief of Police, as is Robert Duvall as the hostage negotiator and James Woods as the Heart surgeon. All three have little to work with.

The screenplay is pretty much in TV Movie of the week territory. It is very predictable and some of the dialogue was cliched. However, the film was extremley effective in setting up Denise and John's desperation to save their son. It's weird how the central storyline between John, Denise and Mike is so strong but the scenes involving everybody else are so dull and cartoonish.

John Q. is a very well paced film, it is not boring at all although it is riddled with so many cliches it's sad. The film had great potential and I was disappointed.

If you are going to see John Q. see it for the amazing talents of Washington and Elise. They make the film and their characters are strong and heartfelt. I felt for the Archibald's but not for anybody else in the film.

John Q. had a whole lot of potential but it loses it with it's bombardment of cliched dialogue and supporting characters.


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Old 02-18-2002, 08:44 PM
This was a movie that you could get into. The trailer looked awesome and you know it would be dramatic. The director had a way of making the viewer feel for the characters and you are wanting this man to get want he wants. The way they made the lead charcater a average man who is really pissed made it evan more cool. They made him a baseball dad, a factory worker and a man struggling with money, that's what gave it some realisom.

The only thing that was the same as every other movie was the press, they only care about the story and will fuck anyone over to get it. And if everyone took the hospital over with a gun then we would be in trouble.

All the actors were really good but like in every movie Denzel is in, he steels the show. His performance was definitly award worthy, mybe even oscar worthy. Just like in TRAINING DAY he was the stand out actor in a movie with good actors. Anne Heche was alright and so was the lady who played Denzels wife. James Woods was really good just like all his roles as the asshole doctar. Ray Liota was cool as the other asshole(but he playes a hotshot cop) and Robert Duval was good as alwayes as the nice cop. All the hostages were adding a little humor as was Denzel's dying kid. Even Washington had some funny moments with his kid.

The directing was good and lets hope he can make more movies like it. ***spoiler*** They way the hospital had cameras showing Denzel's actions to the police and media was a cool way to change the camera. I know it was done before but is was still cool.

The script was alright and some critics said it was to meladramitic but i didn't think so. The script gave Washington alot of chances to show off his acting skills. He yelled and cried and acted really pissed off alot. The one character that didn't get the best lines was Robert Duval, he had some shitty lines and he wasn't even in it as much as i thought he would be.

So if you want to see a great performence from Denzel Washington and the rest and a cool dramatic movie then go see this movie.


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Old 02-19-2002, 09:26 PM
John Q....6/10

John Q. is a heartfelt, stirring piece of drama that lays it on just a little to thick for my taste. Denzel gives a wonderful performance as an ordinary man fighting the big bad medical system, after it is apparent he cant cover his son's highly expensive heart surgery. It does seem pretty ludicrous that a man would take hostage a hospital just so he can get his son a new heart...and ultimately I just couldn't buy it. The supporting performances lacked any real depth either except maybe Robert Duvall as the police negotiator, but people like Ray Liotta and James Woods, both of whom I admire seem out of place. The other thing that bothered me is how so one-sided this film is as is manipulates you into thinking there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Denzel is doing. Of course we do feel for and root for Denzel and his family, but it does lay it on a bit thick. The surprise twist at the end and Denzel's supposed sacrifice I just didn't buy either. The film isn't bad...it's just not great so ultimately it's just ok with a good performance by Washington.
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Old 02-21-2002, 03:16 AM
John Q. (2002)

Rated PG-13 for Violence, Language, & Intense Thematic Elements

Director:Nick Cassavetes

Starring Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, James Woods, Kimberly Elise, Anne Heche, Eddie Griffin, & Ray Liotta.

The film's plot focuses on John Q. Archibald(Denzel Washington)who is blue collar worker that has a son desperately in need of a heart transplant. Since he has no insurance to cover an operation like this, John takes hostage of a hospital's emergency room as a last resort to save his dying son.

I went into this film expecting a lot from it. But instead, I left the theater quite disappointed. And maybe that was my fault for having such high hopes. One of the film's problems is that fact that it's so cliche. Mostly everything in this film is cliche. Hell, even the dialogue is cliche. At one point, I felt like I was watching The Negotiator, just somewhat different.

Acting-wise, well, Denzel Washington delivered another awesome performance. You can always count on him to be great in any role. Also, Kimberly Elise was not only believable, but amazing in her role. She really impressed me. The rest of the supporting actors were a different story however. Their performance were nothing great, but they were solid. I just thought they were not given a lot of good material to work with. And is it just me, or was Robert Duvall's character almost exactly like his character in Falling Down?

Another thing, the film went downhill in it's second half. I thought it lost it's touch. I also didn't like the way things were solved towards the end. It needed something more original.

John Q. is a decent film, and it's still entertaining to watch. But it's unfortunate that the film is buried in cliches, and becomes too predictable and preachy. Anyway, I still recommend seeing John Q., but only to see Denzel Washington delivered another excellent performance.

Running Time:1 hour 58 minutes


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Old 02-27-2002, 01:15 AM
John Q. tries, but fails to be a good movie. There are a lot of talented actors in the movie, but their roles are so small and unimportant, that you don't care about them. Robert Duvall and Ray Liotta characters don't do much in the movie. I can't tell what James Woods' character was doing - sympathizing or just being a rich prickass doctor. I don't like Anne Heche that much.
Denzel was the only good part of the movie. I think he could play any role he wanted to perfectly. The actress who plays his wife wasn't bad either.
But with a predictable script/plot and no supporting characters - the movie falls flat.

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Old 03-15-2002, 02:13 PM
Denzel's my man. No doubt about it. He is constantly robbed at the academy awards and perhaps when he is old and decrepit they will feel sorry for him and give him an honorary Oscar or perhaps a roll of nickels and a slap on the back. "John Q" won't help matters. The movie was a bit predictable and the acting had me roll my eyes a few times. Of course Denzel is great but his supporting cast was a bit drab. James Woods played the head of cardiology, Dr. Turner. He seemed a bit unsure of how to handle his very complex role (insert sarcasm here). He switched back and forth between an asshole and a jerk. (Believe me, there are differences.) Eddie Griffin was the token wisecrackin' black guy and had 2 out 7 humorous lines. The plot had a lot of "Ah Jeez" moments to it. The filmmakers introduced some definite elitist lines that just shouldn't have been there. They had some middle aged white guy in a wheelchair talking to the Dr. Turner (James Woods). They were joking about that now that he received his heart transplant he go out and play golf again. He even had a small amount of "Thurston Howell III" elements to him. That crap wasn't needed in this! We already agree that John Q is getting the shaft in all this.

Over all I would recommend it.

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Old 04-28-2003, 06:32 PM
John Q - 7/10

Not bad. I actually waited long enough to see this one that I caught it on the Starz! Network. I wasn't expecting much, seeing as the whole thing looked like a comination of a "Power To The People" black movie, and an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. But I must admit, I did get pretty involved in what was going on here.

This movie provided a concept that has been done time and time again, but for once I was forced to feel as sorry for the bad guy as the hostages. Denzel Washington does a good job of making you feel sorry for him, especially when he goes to the extremes of saying he would give his own life for that of his child (awww... an almost-tear jerker).

The downside? Well, the pace is a little slow, and there are way too many characters that I really just didn't give a shite about, mainly the hospital "extras" and the chief-of-police and mayor characters. But then, what's this... could it be? That nerdy short kid from Unhappily Ever After on the big screen? Hehe, ol' Ryan... he's actually given a half-serious role in this movie and plays it out pretty well as half-intelligent and half-comic relief.

Overall, it's a movie that you can get into and I would recommend seing it at least to decide on.
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