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Rave reviews from my co-workers, plus prodding from my ex-band member mother, led me to pick up Drumline, a movie I probably wouldn't have thought of checking out.

Damn, did I feel stupid about that.

Drumline tells the story of Devon Miles (Nick Cannon), a cocky, young, and amazingly GOOD snare drummer from Harlem. After graduating high school, he heads off to a southern college, where his percussive skills earn him a spot in the school's prestigious marching band.

Devon's "only out for number one" attitude grates on his bandmates--and the band director (Orlando Jones). Devon has to learn that just because he's the best drummer on the drumline, it doesn't mean a thing if he can't work with the rest of the band.

Drumline is equal parts drama and comedy, and filled with whip-smart dialogue and lightning choreography during the halftime shows. The final performance--a battle of sorts between two drumlines--pops and snaps with tension. I coulda sworn a fight was gonna break out between the two bands any second.

This may be your average "coming of age" teen movie, but the halftime choreography alone makes it worth a watch. It also doesn't hurt to have solid, believable performances from every actor on call.

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