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Secretary - (7/10)

Secretary - (7/10)
Info: (2002) R, James Spader, Maggie Gylenhaal, Jeremy Davies
Genre: Dark Comedy/Romance
Comments: A dark little romance/comedy that stirred up some good reviews and some talk last year. I wasnt expecting too much before I watched this film but I wasnt expecting such an odd movie. It felt like American Psycho. I loved American Psycho because of how bizarre it was but that same type of weirdness didn't work here. The story is about a girl who likes pain and cuts herself and gets released from a mental hospital. She then gets a job as a secretary for a shy/equally messed up lawyer. The film almost seems surreal but I wouldnt doubt that in real life this is how some people act. It also shows you that no matter how weird you think you are, there is always someone who is just as weird. I guess I wasn't totally engrossed in the bizarre sex/romance that made up this entire movie. It got tiring after a while. The ending was good though. It suited the movie perfectly. So why did I like it? This was 90% a character driven movie and on that level it succeeded. Maggie and James played their characters to perfection. I dont think Maggie is that hot at all but she worked in this movie. The first time James spanks Maggie I couldnt stop laughing. That is definately a classic movie moment. In the end I just didnt like the film as much as most people did. It was slow and seemed to go on way too long. The bizarre romance was also kind of annoying at times. However the actors make the movie very watchable.

Acting - 9/10 (Maggie definately shines in this movie. Spader is at his usual creepy self.)
Violence/Gore - 4/10 (She likes cutting herself with things, esp on the leg. Its pretty disturbing but its not a bloody movie)
T&A - 7/10 - (The sex here is pretty strong and bizarre for that matter. Most of the actual T/A comes in the last 20 minutes where we get full Maggie)

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