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Final Destination 2

Rating: *** out of ***** or 6/10 or C+


Driving with a group of friends to Daytona Beach, Kimberly (A.J. Cook) has a sudden premonition that saves them all from a catastrophic freeway pileup … or so it seems. Ali Larter returns from the first film as Clear Rivers, the lone survivor of the Flight 180 airplane crash, whom Kimberly goes to see once death starts coming after her friends. It’s a rollercoaster ride of fear and fate as Kimberly races to save her friends and herself from the implacable jaws of death.


When I first saw this I was with really high expectations, even if I didnīt want to.When I left the theater I was like ..."This movie was fucking lame"...Now I had an oportunity to see it again, and I can assure you that It wasnīt that bad.

The pile-up at the beginning of the movie was still awesome, much better than the plane crush and IMO the best action sequence of the year so far(The one in "X2: X-Men United"(8/10 or B+) is close too).I really liked how this characters got together and tryied to save theirselfs.

About the deaths, my favourite is still the "lucky guy" and the ladder in the eye.What a great death.
Timīs death was also cool, but It happened too fast and it wasnīt as shocking as it should be.Timīs mom(Norah) death scene was still crappy, but fun.I donīt wanna dye, bam, head off.
Now, the one that really impressed me and I watched a 100 times was the Air bag scene.The first time was fucking lame, but now it really grossed me out and made me chuckle, in a sick and dark way.Roryīs death was also great, but it was done before("The Cube"(7/10 or B), "Ghost Ship"(4/10 or D-) and "Resident Evil"(6/10 or C+).)
The doble explotion at the hospital sucked and the ending of the movie was still FUCKING LAME!!!...it totally ruined the movie and made gave this a much lower rating.The last 10 minutes are dumb.
Acting wasnīt that bad as in most horror movie.A.J. Cook was nice!...I also really liked Kat and Rory.Both funny.A great direction by Ellis and great looking movie.

All in all it wasnīt THAT bad, but it wasnīt very good either.
Good fun.
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Immature, trashy, dull, and poorly plotted drivel. The first rocked, but this lame ass follow-up did not please me, and, I'd wager, many other horror fans. It is not scary or cool. Thumbs down.
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Please, please guys, don't review anything that isn't on video yet, this one doesn't hit till the end of July, give these movies some time. Threads can be opened for movies coming out to video the sunday before. Otherwise, I'll close this till the crappy New Line sequel hits the stores shelves.
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