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Graphic Novels Help.

I've been trying to get into comic books recently and need some help in choosing a title. I have From Hell and thought it was just alright. It was not as good as I was hoping. Anyways, I have heard of three that sound good, but I need others opinions. Can anybody reccomend The Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I am kinda leaning towards LXG based upon to awesome sounding characters. Any help would be awesome.
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I haven't read LXG, but I have heard that it is quite good.

Watchmen is indeed a classic, some say it is the greatest comic book story ever. I've read this a few times myself, and even bought a copy of my own. You won't be disappionted.

Batman: Dark Knight Returns is also a great story, I have a copy of this too.

A few others that I reccomend.

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda
Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1: Power & Responsibility

Now you don't have to read everything I mentioned, these are just some suggestions to get you going. There's also some very good independent titles out there that you might like more than the mainstream stuff.

Wizard Magazine is an excellent source of what's new, what's good and what's hot in the world of comics, and picking up an issue could be a great help.

BTW, today is Free Comic Book Day, head down to your local comic book store and score some free books.


Well, happy reading.

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LXG was pretty good. I would also recommend Spider-man Visionaries: Todd McFarlane. It has Amazing Spider-man issues 298-305, and reprints Venom's first appearance. Definitely worth the money.

And isn't God Loves, Man Kills the X-Men story X2 is based on?
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From someone who has just gotten back into comics, here's what I'd recommend:

Watchmen. Without a doubt, the best comic I've ever read (and possibly book to) about a realistic world where superheros are part of the problem and not the solution, all set in the Cold War as World War 3 approaches. With great artwork by Eddie Campbell, and a remarkable story with unforgettable characters, this is something I can easily recommend.

V for Vendetta. A great, somewhat odd comic about England, ruled by a totalitarian government being dismantled by a person only known as "V" and his dream of setting the country free.

Dark Knight Returns. A gritty, intriguing story of Batman at age 53, and having to come out of retirement after a militant gang threatens to take over Gotham. While I don't consider it as good as many think it is, or even the best Batman story, it's still a great comic.

Batman: Year One. Another wonderful, Frank Miller/Batman story detailing the origin of Bruce Wayne's and Gordon's career and the trouble they face starting out. It's pretty short, but a very good read.
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I agree with all of the suggestions above, and would add these graphic novels:

Frank Miller's Hard Boiled
Spider-man - Kraven's Last Hunt (one of THE finest comic stories ever written)
Spider-man - The Death Of Jean DeWolfe
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Originally posted by Fettdog
Spider-man - Kraven's Last Hunt (one of THE finest comic stories ever written)
I agree. Is it that easy to find today. I thought it was oop. I've got a copy and it's one of the best Spider-Man stories i've read.
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A good one to add to those already mentioned is the Alias tpbs by Brian Michael Bendis. It's great stuff and focuses on a failed superhero from the Marvel universe and their PI firm; it's nice to see the normal MU heroes such as Cap turn up in a gritty book
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If you like grim & gritty, check out Batman:Arkham Asylum .
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Batman: The Killing Joke

And I believe that the current X-men movie is very vaguely based on God Loves, Man Kills.
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