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Guns and Talks (7/10)

A Korean import from 2001.

Plot: A comedy about 4 friends living in the same house who happen to be freelance assassins.

The 4 characters, two of which are brothers, are bouyant enough to keep this film afloat. One is their sniper, who has the least amount of dialogue and screen. Another is the narrator, even though he doesn't get a lot of screen time - and he's the brother of the leader (who he keeps asking if he can finally use a gun), who's a strong and cool type.

The cast is great. From the 4 leads, to a cop hot on their trail, to the two female characters (a high schooler who wants someone dead and a pregnant women who one of them is supposed to kill, but cna't) all turn in good performances.

The plot is so all over the place and disjointed, I'm finding it hard to summarize. They have a hit, then a cop gets on to them, then they google at the pretty news lady, then other stuff happens and such. It really is all over the place, and the pacing is lacking. What really holds it together are the great performances and the occasional humorous bit which really works well. One standout is a scene where a character talks about true love, which ends in sort of poking fun at the entire concept in a way I won't give away.

I should mention that this is not an action movie. There are no gunfights, no kung fu, nothing of that sort. If you're looking for more of an action movie in your comedies, look elsewhere.

This one is also unique in the assassin subgenre that they NEVER question the morality of killing people for money. It is just a given that the people they kill deserve it, and all will be well.

If you're looking for an action comedy from Korea, I can point you to My Wife is a Gangster (another 7/10). While it isn't heavy on action, what is there is very well done, and some of the comedy is hilarious. Love the scenes where she practically rapes her husband.. It really should be named "My husband is not a gangster".

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I don't know if I'll watch it again anytime soon though - the SUCCESSFUL jokes are too far apart, but the ones that are working are great. Could of been better though, quite easily. I also think it should of been trimmed a bit, some of the sub plots are somewhat inconsequential and just pad the running time.

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