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favorite Jhonen Vasquez character?

Mine would have to be Squee or Nailbunny from JTHM.
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Most of the characters in I Feel Sick were pretty funny.
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Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac, that comic book is so good! The dialogue is awesome, and the art is different. I love it.

Can get a little too dark at times though, but hey we all have a dark side, its just that poor old Jhonny cant seem to control it and he does what comes first into his deceased little mind...he kills. of course he only kills those that cause him pain...and make fun of him.

oh I also like Wobbly Headed Bob..that guys so freaking funny! How he thinks he so superior to every body! ha! It kills me everytime I read it!

"Please admit that you are grossly deluded imbeciles...only then can I help you."

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