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Video Capsule: All three Back to the Future movies

The Back to the Future Trilogy was totally awesome! It stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and all three were directed by Robert Zemeckis. The acting was great, it was funny and entertaining, overall three very good movies. Part 1 (9.5/10) sets the scene, and Fox is great in his role as Marty McFly. Marty's family is hilarious, and so is Biff, the movie's bad guy. It only gets a half point less than a perfect rating because it just isn't as good as Part 2 (10/10). The reason I like Part 2 the best is because I love Zemeckis' vision of the year 2015. I also love the whole sub plot with the Sports Almanac. Finally, there is Part 3 (7/10), which is not as good as the other two but still has its moments. If you haven't seen this, go to the video store and at least rent Part 1. I guarantee you'll be satisfied.
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Watching part 1 right now I do have to agree with you that is excellent..but the second two just couldn't live up to the first...

Back To The Future 9/10
Back To The Future Part 2 8/10
Back To The Future Part 3 7/10
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If you guys have any connections let me know... I have been searching and searching to no avail for any decent copies besides the TV copies I recorded... I love these films, but am so disappointed that they have not received their due yet on home video... even though I have heard many rumors.
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Well Benny, I've never heard any good review about Part II, that has to be a first for me. I liked it but still think it is a tad bit lower than Part I simply because it doesn't hold up as well in repeat viewings. Also, because it is just there to get to the third part. Part I can stand on it's own two feet. However, you need Part II with Part III in order to get the whole jist.

Everyone that I know seems to think the sequels don't match up to the previous film, but I think Part III is the best of the trilogy. It is the most inventive, has the most interesting characters, and just a great conclusion for the series. Although I have always wanted to see what would happen with the train. But it is better that it ended there.

Part I is fine just by itself, Part II relies on the knowledge of the first and third, and Part III can stand on its own as well. The reason I don't like part II that much is because it never fully develops the characters, and is just one big chase movie without much depth to it. There I said it. By the way, I have watched these all since I was 5 years old and boy the entire trilogy is an all time favorite.

Part I: 9/10
Part II: 7/10
Part III: 10/10

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I found Part 2 to be the fastest and most fun of the three. There is the whole future scene with flying cars and electronic everything, which I loved. Then they go back to the Biff-controlled world of 1985, which is also cool. Then there are the two scenes that run together at the end, really cool stuff. I've been watching these movies since I was 8 and Part 2 has always been my favorite.
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That's fine, I mean, you have your reasons, and I have mine. If you prefer it that way that's fine, no sense in changing what you think.
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Part 1- 10/10
Part 2- 10/10 (This one is my favorite)
Part 3- 8.5/10 Not as good as the others
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I didnt really care for the first one. i liked the 2nd one, but words cant describe how much i hate part 3, but i havent seen it in many many many years.
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Great series, I didn't like the final scene though - it was silly and ONE BIG PLOT HOLE!
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