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Magic (1978)
* * * (out of * * * * )
7 out of 10
Grade: B

Anthony Hopkins plays a ventriloquist with a split personality. When his agent gets him a tv offer but doesn't want to have to go through a medical exam he runs off and stays at a closed hotel but gets in because he offers a lot of money and knew the owner played by Anne Margret who is a girl he knew in High School and had a crush on.

A solid, absorbing thriller. Not for the impatient though. The movie moves at a slow deliberate pace. Doesn't have much of a payoff either. But Hopkins is excellent, as usual and the movie is a mostly effective little drama/thriller.

Has anyone else seen this?
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MAGIC 8/10

Deeply disturbing and eerly haunting. This film probes into a twisted mind indeed. An interesting script, soft cinematography and a great cast all make this film worth at least a look.

Funnily enough Im not a fan of Anthony Hopkins and pretty much only rank this and TITUS as "fine performances".
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People who think Hopkins is good as Lector should not overlook his BEST performance, when he was fresh off his theatre work, as Corky.

The strange relationship between Corky and Ann-Margaret was perfect, as was the tie between Corky and his manager.
When Corky must sit without talking is intense and features a great set-up to the climax.

Hopkins was really nervous playing this part, and his anxiousness paid off.

The gritty, 70's atmosphere is spot on.
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Hopkins was also struggling big time with overcoming his alcoholism as well. He was just as big a brawler as Richard Harris when he drank.

I recall seeing Magic on Chicagos very first idea of "cable Tv" called "ON-TV". Magic was one of the debut films on "ON TV" in 1979. Pretty creepy and effective film indeed. I wish they would release it on DVD. For a really intense Hopkins performance, check out "The Bounty", with him and Mel Gibson. VERY GOOD portrayal of the real Captain Bligh.
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