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Secretary (9/10)

ASSUME THE POSITION! screams the tag line of this movie, if your not already titilated then the S&M will do absolutely nothing for you!

Lee Holloway (Maggie Gylenhaal), recently released from the mental institution, has a problem: to seek solace from her parents she self harms, she has apparently been doing it since 7th grade. When she takes a job with Mr E Edward Gray (James Spader) as his secretary, things begin to look up. But its when they begin a closer relationship that Lee kicks her self harming habit but under the circumstances (involving S&M), will their love be able to survive?

Let me first say that this movie was most likely made purely to shock but it comes over as much more than that. Picture a more risque version of When Harry Met Sally and your getting warmer. Maggie Gylenhaal gives it her all and she manages to achieve a brauva performance, making her character fully rounded rather than just a sex toy. James Spader is also good but even his character is somewhat sketchy, you never find out what makes him tick as its blatantly obvious that he has some problems of his own but together, Gylenhaal and Spader make the screen come alive! By the end, you genuinely hope they come together even if the odds are stacked against them.
For those of you that turn your heads at the sight of anything sexual then I wouldn't recommend Secretary but the S&M scenes add rather than subtract from the movie. Lee and Edward love each other and just find new and exciting ways to express their love for each other. (One, two, three: Awwwwwwwww).


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