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Magnolia (10/10)

First of the script of Magnolia is one of the best in all cinema history. Here we must pay tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson.

The movie consists of some story lines, which from the first sight are not connected to each other, but as you watch the movie, you understand that they make a circle, because every story is connected to one of the others. Movie has lots of references to the Bible. Like constantly there appear numbers 8 and 2 which are some kind of a sign to Exodus 8:2, once this signature ('Exodus 8:2) even can be seen. If you check this paragraph in the Bible you'll see a sentence about the rain of frogs (frograin), which in fact, we can supervise closer to end of the movie. The main phrase of the movie is (not in exact words as in movie) that we can forget our past, but it can forget us.

Everything is done 100% perfectly in the movie, starting from the work of the lightening guy to, of course, director. The entire cast suits all the roles, I think; nobody can replace any of the actors and actresses. Best performance belongs to Melora Walters. That's not only my opinion. The director himself, P.T. Anderson said in one of his interviews that the part of Claudia (Melora's heroine) is his personal favorite. In the movie women have the names of flowers, e.g. Lilly and Rose, PTA said that if he had to choose one heroine that would be Magnolia, it would definitely have been Claudia.

An individual talk is Magnolia's soundtrack, it gifts us Aimee Mann, who me can call another genius after Paul Thomas Anderson. Both music and lyrics are thoughtful and they fit the movie like nothing else. To prove my words there're lines from the lyrics to the song One:
One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
Two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one
'No', is the saddest experience you'll ever know,
Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know.
One is the loneliest number much, much worse than two
One is a number divided by two.

To finish this review I must say it's one of my favorite movies ever, because it can open your eyes on everything that is happening with you. The movie is overflowed (in a good meaning of this word) with good actors who bring an outstanding greatness to this movie.

The rate is 10/10.
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This is a movie so ridiculously in love with it's self, and rampant on a pretentious spree of pouty pontificating it is an aggravating experience to watch.

I suppose if enough meaningless shit about sad people is thrown together in a 3 hour movie about nothing, that most will be bewildered enough to say they liked it. I suppose if enough people cry and some frogs fall from the sky people will think it's profound. And I suppose that if you reference a few coincidences in one of the longest and fucking stupidest opening sequences of all time that it just might make up for a movie that has less substance than searched drug dealer.

Let me make something clear: I got this movie. I understood it. Maybe I can't right half a book on it's symbolism but basically coincidence, and love and plans, and frogs and so on. I got it. What in the hell is special about a bunch of people with boring, lame lives, some of which are connected? I know a lot of people with shitty lives. Most people are unhappy. And believe me I could connect quite a few of them just as well as magnolia. Only I may be able to do it under 3 hours.

I didn't care about one person in this movie. Not one. I tried too. I wanted to like this movie. But for fuck sake everyone is just boring and one dimensional....yes thats right BORING and ONE DIMENSIONAL. No one is developed that well. Fuck their background info or who they love or don't love... Nothing made me feel close to any of the characters at all. So no matter how many tears hit the floor I couldn't feel the least bit of sympathy.

The acting though having it's moments left no memories for me either. Not impressive- nothing special.

The cinematography was sufficient but hardly anything special.

The story was incohesive and discursive. It jumped all over the fucking place, short on it's own memory. Besides that nothing in this movie stands out as genius or brilliant. It just seems like a long long story that never really goes anywhere. In a word it is BORING. It is boring and silly and pretentious and lacking a real greater message. It is nothing special.

Iím sorry I lack a great amount of coherence and clarity but it's been a while since I've seen this mess and Im a bit tired. Never the less, there's my opinions on magnolia.
I hate it.
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Re: Magnolia

Originally posted by Roger Ebert

"Magnolia" is the kind of film I instinctively respond to. Leave logic at the door.
Mr. Ebert, if it is really you, how can you say this? You say you like to leave logic at the door, but you give The Usual Suspects *1/2 and Donnie Darko **1/2. How can this be?

In your Donnie Darko review you talk about its confusing nature, and how questions are left unanswered. But don't you like logic left at the door? Don't you like it when things make no sense and are completely illogical? Darko was a bit confusing but not as bad as you make it out to be. The point was for you to make your own interpretation of the movie. Does every film have to have a concrete ending, or story line for that matter? Obviously you dont think so because you have interpreted many movies in your time. Mulholland Drive is a good example. I believe you went to some sort of a convention to discuss it even. So why do you constantly contradict yourself?

In your Usual Suspects review you state that you understood everything, but didnt care. You said there wasnt that much to understand. Which is obviously just you trying to find a reason to give this film a bad rating. You didnt like this film, but because there was nothing seriously wrong you had to blame it on the solution not solving much. But in reality things were solved quite nicely. Verbal was Kyser and he killed everyone and made up his story using the bulletin board. Then he dissapeared like he did all those years ago after the attack on his family. PROBLEM SOLVED.

I am very confused as to how you can state you like logic left out, but crap on films that do just that. Maybe you could elaborate?
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i would have to agree with kamikaze.

wheres the logic in liking this movie for the same reason you lament others?
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An intertextual, visual, narrative, directional, contextual masterpiece. There is little I can fault with one of the most challenging and post-modern films to get commercial and critical recognition. The multi-story narrative is reminiscent of Robert Altman but PT Anderson constructs his own distinctive auteur signature with vertigo-inducing camera movements, fast-cut editing, uncomfortably real life silences and tensions in conversation but most of all, the ability to get to the root of humanity. Enough said. Now watch it! 10/10
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Re: Usual Suspects... Ole Roger was probably pissed off that he couldnt figure out the ending, and WANTED Byrne to be Keyser....

I found Magnolia to be a thouroughly engrossing movie experience. Arthouse film for the "Joe-Masses"

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MAGNOLIA (1999) - 8/10 (B+)

WOW! What a beautiful and sad movie. It was simply wonderful. At first it was only so-so, but it just got better and better as it went along.

Julianne Moore was absolutely superb and her scene in the drug store was great. I couldn't help but be blown away by every scene she was in. She really deserved to get a "Best Supporting Actress" Oscar for her performance, but unfortunately, she didn't even get a nomination. I also thought that John C. Reilly, Melora Walters, and Philip Seymour Hoffman were great as well.

I've heard quite a few people complain about the falling frogs, but to my surprise, it didn't really bother me. Sure, it was weird, yet somehow strangely interesting.

I don't know what it is about this movie, but it really sucked me in. It even made me cry around three different times. I couldn't even say exactly what it was about those scenes that made me cry, but the tears would just start coming.

Overall, I found Magnolia to be a very sad, beautiful, and haunting film...
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I love those little clips in the beginning of the movie, when that guy jumps of a building and gets shot by his mother. Believe it or not, but THAT was THE part of the movie that had me thinking for months and months. It gave a whole other meaning to the word 'coincidence' for me..

Also, this movie had the part of a lifetime for Tom Cruise, it was about time that he played a guy a little less likeable than he always did and does.. I loved him as Frank T. J. Mackey.

Paul Thomas Anderson is a diamond in the rough, I wonder what the future will bring..
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this is an amazing movie. i'm really upset that tom cruise didn't win best supporting actor for it. instead, the pathetic michael cain won for the cider house rules. that's one decision that the academy made that i completely disagree with. 9/10.
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"Magnolia" is such a beautiful, brillant and sad movie.One of my personal favourites.P.T. Anderson gives an Oscar worthy direction.
The acting is superb, Melora Walter and Julianne Moore are incredible.I really love this movie, I can watch it over and over, it last 3 hours but It feels like 5 mimutes to me.The frog rain scebe is so beautiful.And I just LOVE when in the end, Melora Walters smiles.
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On first viewing a few years ago I would've given "Magnolia" maybe a 7/10. I was actually pretty bored with it, and those three hours felt like looong time. Several years and several viewing later I just love this movie (9/10). And the thing is I don't even know what it is I love about it. It's so melodramatic, so over the top, and yet it's it's like I love it not inspite of it , but precisley becuase of it. Take Julianne Moore for exaple - her performance here is one of the most unsubtle, in your face roles she's ever done. But it's also one of my favorites. The drug store scene is among the best she's ever done, and my favorite of the movie. It is just like "Magnolia" itself - hilarious and tragic, epic and poetic.
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It started as a bit of a draggy movie but it just kept on getting better. It had me totally immersed in the plot by the end of it. John C. Reilly was brilliant in this film as was Tom Cruise - geez, I never knew the guy could act like that! This was a clever and interesting film, but IMO Boogie Nights was much much better.


Oh, and the frogs were AWESOME! They totally brought the entire idea of the movie to one simple metaphor. Great stuff.
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This movie never ceases to amaze me. It deserves every bit of hype it recieves here in the forums. The human condition is a subject that never gets old to me and this movie puts on a showcase of the dark side of humanity that stands witht he rest of them. Top it all off with the theme of how crazy life can be and you have yourself a masterpiece.
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I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy Magnolia but I did find it to be a little over-rated. Granted the acting was brilliant (Tom Cruise, who I normally hate, was an utter revelation) and the soundtrack by Aimee Mann was fantastic but I felt that it was trying to be "deep" and "meaningful" when it just felt pretentious. I didn't enjoy the ending... However everything before the ending was great, if not as good as most people say.


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The film started out strong, the coincidence scenes were fantastic and my interest was invested. But the film went on too long and I didt really care about the characters, and when everyone started singing i thought that was absolutely stupid. I get the point of it but it just didnt work for me, and the frogs didnt bother me that much, but they didnt interest me that much either. Im kinda indifferent to the film, but it is definitly overrated and pretensious.
Good performances though, and Aimee Mann is great (but that doesnt mean im gonna burst into song right now)
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A decent film. The first time I viewed this movie I wasnt sure if I had seen the best movie or the most boring movie. In the end I decided in the middle. I bought it on VHS actually which is what I do when I like and not love a movie because i got a perfect copy on ebay for 2 pennies! Watched it again and liked it.
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Originally posted by bowieee
This movie never ceases to amaze me. It deserves every bit of hype it recieves here in the forums. The human condition is a subject that never gets old to me and this movie puts on a showcase of the dark side of humanity that stands witht he rest of them. Top it all off with the theme of how crazy life can be and you have yourself a masterpiece.
I couldn't have said it better myself. My feeling for this film is intangible. All I know is I watch it, and it seems....magical. 10/10
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Originally posted by DaveyJoeG
I couldn't have said it better myself. My feeling for this film is intangible. All I know is I watch it, and it seems....magical. 10/10
Couldn't say it better myself.

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I really liked this movie, but I couldn't sit past a couple viewings, It's not one of THOSE "repeatable" films. Watching Tom Cruise ramble on with his ego high and mighty was most definitely the best part. Some great writing from PT, but the segment following William H. Macy was a bore; I eventually forwarded through it. The ending, gotta love that, both near-brilliant and odd at the same time (I feel bad for all the frogs who sacrificed themselves for the film ). Between an 8 and 9 out of 10.

But the word "magical" doesn't fit when I describe this movie. My number one reason...THE LANGUAGE, I think it ruins any magical aspect. You don't see David Blaine repeating the f-word to make a rabbit appear out of a black hat. What I really mean though, is, profanity is such a modern thing, perhaps a trend, and when I think "oh, that's magical," I'm thinking of some distant world, or fairies, or something like that, something that's timeless. The ending of Magnolia is somewhat magical, but when I think of the overall movie, it doesn't work, it's just a big LONG movie with too many characters, a coincidental storyline, an f-bomb bonanza, and the odd inclusion of Frogs.

*Profanity doesn't bother me much, just when it comes in contact with the word "Magical".

Last edited by Fergus; 05-05-2003 at 11:25 PM..
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Magnolia is a surreal experience in which you have to let go of yourself and become these characters. They sure are a funny bunch and during the first 1hour of the film they grated on me and seemed too unrealistic to be taken seriously. Due to the running length of 3hours in total, you have sympthy for the roles of these random misfits and by the rolling credits, slip back inside yourself and appreciate who you are. Plus, the raining frogs were fantastic to say the least, had me in complete awe. One of the most memorable moments in film history to me. Although some of the hidden clues and meanings are stretched, it's certainly a different experience of film altogether.

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Originally posted by Fergus
*Profanity doesn't bother me much, just when it comes in contact with the word "Magical".
I wasn't calling the profanity magical, I was referring to the personal emotion that I get from watching it. Profanity doesn't bother me at all, it's a non-issue. I would never call a film's profanity magical, but I wouldn't let it ruin a movie for me either.
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Originally posted by DaveyJoeG
I wasn't calling the profanity magical, I was referring to the personal emotion that I get from watching it. Profanity doesn't bother me at all, it's a non-issue. I would never call a film's profanity magical, but I wouldn't let it ruin a movie for me either.
I know what you mean, but my view is a little more restrictive when it comes to the magical/fantasy type films. I understand why you like MAGNOLIA in that respect, and I wouldn't let profanity ruin a movie for me either, that would be pushin' it.

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Very interesting, great acting, excellent script, nice CGI, an excellent film, better than i expected

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I saw Magnolia for the first time a few days ago. The movie is still fresh in my mind.

Although I did get off to a bad start...(I started the wrong tape, thye should be marked dammit!)...it got better.

The movie is brilliant. Thought-provoking, dramatic, funny, tragic, and depressing. I agree that this is one of the greatest scripts ever written, probably number two, right behind PF.

I loved everything about it, and I'm probably going to put it in my top 10.

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