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Reviews: Sweet Home Alabama

JoBlo's 6/10 review of SWEET HOME ALABAMA can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/sweethomealabama.htm

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Wow a 40 million dollar opening weekend and I am the first to comment on this movie. Sweet Home Alabama is a pretty predicitable story of two guys and a girl. What makes the movie is Reese Witherspoon who is a good actress and commands your attention when she is onscreen. She even recreates her Freeway accent. I could really relate to the small pondock town and several hick jokes. My life onscreen. Especially the bar scene were everyone knows each other and all the small talk around the town. Plus it gets bonus points for a big guy with a mullet. Overall it won't win any originally contests but it is a sweet and fun movie.
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Sweet Home Alabama 6/10...

Sweet Home Alabama is a so-so sweet, predictable comedy about a girl who chooses with her heart over her head. Reese Witherspoon stars as Melanie Carmichael a southern girl from a white trash town that is a succesful fashion designer in New York and engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor...played by Patrick Dempsey(of all people who was a nerd in most 80's comedies like Can't Buy Me Love etc.) Unfortunately for Melanie her childhood love and former husband wont grant her a divorce. The story is predictable and full of southern culture cliches...but the star of the show is Reese Witherspoon...she is a pleasant presence on screen...that you just really can't help liking...it seems that with her growing popularity after Legally Blonde and now this she is sort of becoming that Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan-romantic comedy icon...unfortunately I think she can do better than that, roles like Freeway, Pleasantville and Election show more of her talents...as I said she is sweet and likeale in this but that's about it...the supporting characters are badly stereotypical especially Candice Bergen as the disapproving, slimey mayor of New York and Dempsey's mother. Josh Lucas who plays the country boy Melanie left behind is ok. I did like Ethan Embry as Melanie's not-so-straight cousin but he doesn't really get much screen time. Overall this movie is nice, sweet and fairly enjoyable but the basic story of someone staying true to her roots is just too predictable and tiresome...although Reese Witherspoon is nice as the lead. Also pretty cool country soundrack. I hate country btw so that is saying a lot...except for the great title song Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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Hey! I'm new here, but i just saw Sweet Home Alabama, and i just had to post. anyways, sweet home alabama was the best movie ever! (i'm probably a bit biased since i live in alabama!) i loved the plot, because even though it was a sorta a old one, it had a interesting twist to it, cause it incorporated the generations long conflict between the north (YANKEES! ) and the south. anyways, the movie over all was great, and i think Witherspoon, Lucas and the other dude (the Yankee) did a great job acting wise. not to mention Josh Lucas's blue eyes were to die for! probably the one thing (or 2) that i didn't really like about this movie was it made fun of us down here in alabama! ! not to mention the majority of it wasn't even filmed here, but in georgia, the ppl who aren't TRUE southerner's, the only parts that were filmed in alabama were of Eufala! not Greenville, which is deep south, but not that deep south, plus it made us all look like racist, which ain't true! over all, it was a really good movie, they just could've gotten rid of the stereotypes in it. well, anyways, i'll see ya'll 'round! (ain't nuthin' good if it ain't fried baby! especially oreos!)
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Sweet Home Alabama - 6/10

A decent and predictable comedy-drama which I can at least say that I enjoyed. Reese Witherspoon is always better in serious roles than in cut-and-dry comedy (Best Laid Plans, Fear), so this one went along with her best performances. I love the redneck atmosphere and some of the jokes that went along with it, although not a laugh-out-loud movie, it was still pretty cool.

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Sweet Home Alabama

I love director Andy Tennant’s works; his re-telling of timeless stories like Cinderella’s in “Ever After”; his new adaptation of “Anna and the King” and I especially enjoyed the very under-rated romantic comedy “Fools Rush In” back in 1997. Tennant has the ability to make his cast give their best, so it’s highly unlikely to have weak performances in his films. He has also got a very sensitive eye and he’s able to draw really beautiful images on screen, especially when it comes to natural sights; the Mexican vallies in Fools Rush In, the enthralling Asian beauty in Anna and the King and the charming dreamy sets of Ever After. Too bad none of those movies was the smash hit it should’ve been. Even worse: some of them passed by barely noticed.

Tennant’s latest effort is called Sweet Home Alabama. I was waiting for it because I thought it would be an original romantic comedy, as one would expect from him. Or, at least, it would be a refreshing and up-lifting story of love that has some comic aspects in it. It has a very fine cast led by the incredibly cute and talented Reese Witherspoon. Its main events are set in Alabama so we would expect a beautiful presentation of the area, and, indeed, the opening scene, where we first meet our little heroes playing under the stormy sky waiting for the next flash of lightening to come along, is excellent and it drew me to its special atmosphere. But it was a dream (really!) because later on I was very disappointed. Not that the film is very bad. I just couldn’t exactly find anything special about it.

Sweet Home Alabama sees Reese Withersppon playing the role of Melanie, a young and successful fashion designer, who has a perfect relationship with Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) -son of a Presidential candidate Kate (Candice Bergen). Trouble starts when Andrew proposes to Melanie asking her to be his wife. What he doesn’t know is that Melanie is actually married to Jake (Josh Lucas) since high school. She fled away from Alabama, her hometown, to New York leaving all her past behind her. Now Melanie has to go back to Alabama to get her husband signing the divorce papers. There, she has to face her past and go through a confrontation with all what she’s ignored for seven full years and will have to re-evaluate her entire life.

The story, as you can see, is predictable. I counted on Tennant’s talent in making formulated stories work like you’ve never heard of them before. Too bad it doesn’t work here. It seems that producers wanted to go the safe way with this film giving the audiences exactly what they wanted. After her success in Legally Blonde, Witherspoon is a guaranteed success so maybe they thought they shouldn’t risk. The major problem lies, however, in C. Jay Cox’s extremely predictable screenplay. Any viewer will figure out how it will all end just 5 minutes after the opening. Still, in both Ever After and Fools Rush In we knew the lovers would get to be with each other in the end. But one wouldn’t mind that because the story –in those films- was told very stylishly and the characters were very human and believable. Sweet Home Alabama’s characters are sometimes annoyingly superficial. I wanted to hit myself on the head during the wedding scene. Neither in fairy tales nor in reality there would be a reaction like that of Andrew’s. They tried to make him look like an angel figure. Eventually, he ended up looking an outrageously stupid jerk.

Little care was given to all secondary characters. The mother is just a mother and the cousin is just a cousin and so on. No special characteristics. I couldn’t identify with any of the people in the movie. Performances were mixed. While Resse Witherspoon delivered what was expected, Josh Lucas excelled as Jake, giving his stereotypical character some live and originality. A big problem is in Patrick Dempsey’s lame performance. Even in the most tense of situations he looks as if someone drugged or drunk. On contrary, Candice Bergen as Kate was so much over-the-top that at some point I thought she should be given some drugs to calm down. Where’s the director here? Or maybe he let his actors go as they want because their characters don’t have any real dimensions. What a mess!

But “Sweet Home Alabama” has its moments, too. I enjoyed the comic tension aroused by the gathering of Jake, Andrew and Melanie at the same place and in the same time. The ending scene when Melanie meets her lover under the rain, bare footed on the beach sand is overwhelming. Witherspoon and Lucas did an excellent job giving live and energy to their characters. But you expect much, much more from a team like that. Good for Andy Tennant his film was a big hit everywhere around the world. Maybe he can sort himself out next time. I really hope so.
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