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Video Capsule "The Devonsville Terrror" 3/10

"The Devonsville Terror" 1983

Directed by: Ulli Lommel ("The Boogeyman")

Written by: Ulli Lommel, George T. Lindsey, and Suzanna Love

Starring: Suzanna Love ("The Boogeyman")
Donald Pleasance ("Halloween")
Robert Walker Jr. ("Beware! The Blob")
Paul Wilson (Paul from Cheers)

Plot: Three hundred years ago some agitated town folk wrongly convict three women of witchcraft and dispose of them in some ghastly manners. As the last one dies she curses the town. In the present, the descendants of the executioners fear the curse has come full circle when three strong willed women recently move into Devonsville. The male town members decide that these women should leave.....one way or another.

Review: Sloppy, confusing horror film that ends with a shot of gore. The plot sounds simplistic enough but the film falters as it struggles to move from point A to point B. The pace is slow and I found myself nodding off from time to time throughout the film. The dialogue was stilted and there simply wasn't enough tenseness to keep the viewer interested.

The acting was pretty bad, as well. Donald Pleasance looked old and bloated. He did some narration work, pulled some worms from his arms (I think this is from the curse but I'm still not sure....) and then had a couple of scenes where he yelled at people for no certain reasons. It was a far cry from his performance(s) as Dr. Loomis. The other male characters seemed to be reading from cue cards they were so stiff. Suzanna Love put together an acceptable performance as the new school teacher in town (and suspected witch).

The special effects were of a mixed lot. Disembodied witches' heads looked hideous as they flew off into space. Yes the film was released in 1983, but these looked just a step up from something hanging from a fishing pole. At the end of the film we get two deaths that are Fulci-esque.... an exploding head and a melting man. These were carried out quite well. They were accompanied by a score that made me sit upright because it sounded so much like a Fulci film.... a blasting, semi-haunting tune that almost didn't belong. Sadly, that was the highlight of the film!
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