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Chopper- (7.5/10)

Chopper- (7.5/10)
Info: (2000) R, Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon
Runtime: 1 hour, 34 mins
Genre: Drama/Crime/Dark Comedy
Tagline: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.”
Comments: This was a kickass movie, but I got a little lost in the plot, mainly from the thick Australian accents. This is truly one of the most inventive, raw films I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of “Buffalo 66” with its unorthodox camera techniques and rich colors that add to the overall atmosphere. The story is about Mark “Chopper” Read, an Australian criminal who became a best selling author while in jail. Eric Bana, a native of Melbourne, portrays him with extreme precision in the film. The story unfolds to us in flashbacks. After Chopper gets out of jail in the early 80’s he begins to hunt down all those who have done an injustice to him. Chopper is one of the most unique characters ever to grace the silver screen. He does these horrible things, but yet, you still love him. The dark comedy aspect of the film is exhibited whenever Chopper commits an act of violence. He immediately apologizes to the person he just shot. He even goes as far as driving one his victims to the hospital. Aside from his unconventional acts of crime and violence, Chopper has the highest tolerance for pain I have ever seen. While in jail in 1976, he pays an inmate to slice off his ears so he could be moved to safer quarters. And in one of the film’s violent scenes, he gets stabbed numerous times in the stomach and doesn’t feel any of the blows. It’s humorous because it’s so realistic and gritty. Highly recommended.
Dialogue- 7/10 (Mark Read has some good and funny lines, which are nailed to a “T” by Bana.)
Violence/Gore- 8/10 (Some extremely bloody gunshots and stabbings. As mentioned before, the stabbing of Chopper in jail is fucking brutal along with the ear cutting scene)
T&A- 2/10 (Well, nothing really good in the female department, but Chopper flashes his cock around, which is very fake looking)
Date viewed: 5/5/03

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Chopper - (6/10)

Unfortuantely I will need to see this puppy again. I was tired when I saw it and you dont want to be tired when viewing indie films. Eric Bana was great and the atmosphere was awesome. It felt alot like the awesome Buffalo 66. The blood is good and it works great as an indie drama. The only problem is that after the first 40 minutes the movie becomes kind of mundane, the story is very slow. I didnt hate the end of the movie but It was definately a downfall.

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This movie didn't interest me that much. It had a great performance from Eric Bana (Oscar-worthy if you ask me) and some good writing but it was a bit boring and nothing really intriguing happened throughout the film.

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I never did see BUFFALO 66, mostly due to interest, which wasn't there. This film though, was recommended to me by a good friend...the rest is far too predictable, and... It's been awhile, so bear with me, my memory is a tad short.

It was an indie on its way to becoming a great film, till about the hour mark, and I became a bit weary. On its good side, CHOPPER is built up of great atmosphere, Eric Bana turns in one of my favorite performances of that year (which makes me excited to see HULK). He embodys "Chopper," and his gnarly, temperamental attitude (don't piss him off!), and to that, believability climbed a few notches (though his no-name status did help a bit). The story begins in prison, and is intensely realistic (if that makes any sense). I recommend the film for those scenes alone.

However, once we get out of the prison, my attention span began to wane, because not only did the story lose my interest, and the pace nearly slowed to a halt, and I wanted the movie to just end--I wanted out! Bana is great throughout. Don't get me wrong, he has the makings of a Hollywood star, but he can't save a crap third act. I don't have many details since I hoped to forget it, sorry. (6/10)
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I just saw this last night, and liked it immensely. I find it amazing that Eric Bana is the same guy who's gonna be playing Bruce Banner as of Friday. I'm thinking if The Hulk is a big hit, Bana might be even bigger before too long =)
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