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Friday the 13th, Part 2 (4/10)

Friday the 13th, Part 2 (1981)

Director: Steve Miner

Cast: Amy Steel, John Furey, Adrienne King, Kirsten Baker, Stuart Charno, Warrington Gillette

Screenwriter: Ron Kurz

Producer: Steve Miner

A Paramount Pictures release

The success of the Friday the 13th sequels triggered a wave of other horror sequels, a trend that continues as we speak. Of course, it isn't the first horror franchise by a long shot; there were others in the 1930's, so the 1980's simply saw the revival of an old trend. Of course by that time, film censorship had relaxed considerably.

Without further ado, I present, for your consideration, the very first Friday sequel. Since then, there have been so many that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine the original as a stand-alone film.

As slasher movies go, Friday the 13th, Part 2 is strictly average. It's not the worst of its kind, but that barely means anything. It's an uninspired rehash of the original. The only major difference is that Jason has replaced his dead mother as the killer. Granted, there are some decent shocks here and there, mostly towards the end, but overall, it's a fairly boring affair. However, I must give it credit for having the nerve to rip off Hitchcock's Psycho. With that in mind, I cannot help but ponder the psychological ramifications of the climatic fight scene, which must be seen to be believed. To her credit, Amy Steel makes a fairly sympathetic heroine, although I personally preferred Adrienne King in the original.

Special note: Jason wears a sackcloth instead of his trademark hockey mask. Sure looks strange after twenty years.


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You like part Seven more than this, Cyclonus???

You can say alot of things about this movie.......IMO, the Jason sequals May* have lowered the standards for horror movies, which IS a bad thing..

But along with part six, this sequal is irreplaceable!!! the introduction of Jason, plain and simple.

I guess I'm jumpinmg the JasonX hype train.......for the next month or so (or whenever I get my voice back from screaming at Jason in the movie theatres on friday......cantwaitcantwaitcantwait!!)
I'm gonna be preaching about the wonderful wonderfull-ness that is Friday the 13th!!

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Yes, Part 7 is better. Why? it was tighter, better-paced, and just did a superior job delivering the goods.

I realize that Part 2 is important to series continunity, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a bad film. Like I said, it was (mostly) boring, although the skinny-dipping part sure put my thumb on the "zoom" button.

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"Friday the 13th Part 2" 1981


Directed by: Steve Miner ("Friday the 13th: 3D" "House" "Lake Placid" "Halloween H20"

Written by: Ron Kurz

Starring: Amy Steel ("April Fool's Day") and a fairly interchangeable ensemble cast of twenty-somethings except for the incredible butt shot chick, Kirsten Baker

Plot: Jason is out to avenge his mother's death. After taking out her killer, he turns his rage onto anyone that may pass as a teenager in his woods. This is helped along by the fact that a camp is opening coincidentally right next to Camp Crystal Lake. Bloody times ensue...

Review: Lots of people didn't care for this installment in the series. I prefer this one to many of the later films even though our protagonist (let's not kid ourselves and think that any of the teenagers fulfill this role) doesn't don his trademark faceplate.

The plot really isn't much but the introduction of Jason as a full fledged character was enough to hold my interest. The film at least tries to have a storyline....part three just seemed to be a money whore attempt. The cast, as usual, is interchangeable pretty faces that don't really have much acting talent. Does that matter? No- no one in their right mind picks up a Friday film looking for quality acting.

The film delivers on what its fans are expecting- blood and ass. On that latter note, I must give praise to the butt shot of Kirsten Baker which earned the film a full point for that 5 seconds of film. Wow- and viewers get more later. As for the blood, there are ample kills with the most notable being of the character in the wheelchair. Nice.

The ending is....interesting. I like the whole angle of incorporating Jason's mom into the mix. Nice touch with the sweater and severed head shrine. The window crashing finale, though, was too close to the original to work (and why does Jason have hair??).

So all in all Part 2 serves as a passable follow-up to the original. We get plenty of Jason, blood, and boobs. Slasher fans should enjoy...but those looking for a thrilling film experience or more of a thinking man's horror film should try elsewhere.
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By far one of the worst of the Friday the 13th bunch. This film dragged on and on and on. Jason wears a grocery bag over his head, is unscary and a complete putz. The teenagers were even stupider than imaginable (Jeff and Sandra anyone?). Everytime I watch this, I just want to hurl a brick through my TV. The plot is decent, although I don't get why jason being retarded doesn't just take a trip to the local K-Mart and Pancake house before settling down for a while. he killed Alice, why continue the murders? To get people off his land. Sorry friend, it ain't our land! The characters for the most part suck too. Terry was a fcking hottie, and she as sweet. Ginny was hot and the perect heroine, I swear she is the best heroine in the Friday series. Paulw as pretty cool as far as bossy camp leaders go, and Stu was good comic relief. Featured some good deaths and such, but for the most part sucked. I'm making it sound better than it really is.

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Friday the 13th, Part 2 * ( out of * * * * )

Ugh. I don't even remember which one this was but it hardly matters. They are all the same. Except perhaps for part 5 and the one whith the telekenetic (?) girl. They showed some intriguing possibilities but they were still both bad. Jason Goes to Hell is the only one I enjoyed. I suppose this movie is slightly less painful to watch than the first one. That one was damn near unwatchable.
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