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Reviews: Bones

JoBlo's 6/10 review of BONES can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/bones.htm

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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The first half of Bones is surprisingly enjoyable but unfortunately once Bones is resurrected the movie goes downhill with unfunny and silly scenes involving talking heads that is just dumb and an aweful ending. It isn't Snoop Dog's fault, though. Infact, he is actually well cast in the movie. I liked all the flashback scenes as well. And like I said the entire first three thirds of the movie is actually enjoyable. But that stupid last act ruins it.
Grade: C+
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I thought this movie looked HORRIBLE, like complete SHIT. When I saw the previews to it when it was coming to theaters I said "There's no way in hell I'll ever see that." But then I read some decent reviews for it and I got a little curious. Not enough to actually see it but I was still curious.

Then last week it came to video. I didn't plan on renting it at all. I went to the video store Friday and I had a coupon for 3 New Releases for $4.99. And I don't know what came over me but I grabbed it off the shelf. I think the reason I rented it was because I had seen pretty much everything else.

It took me until Sunday to watch it, and I had to force myself to watch it because I kept putting it off. But I'm glad I did. I was really amazed at how good it was, it was really interesting and fun. I didn't have any problems with it. I felt bad for the character of Jimmy Bones, it was sad how he died. Everything was going great and THEN - Jimmy Bones gets resurrected and the whole movie went to HELL. I can't think of a single thing that I liked about the movie after he gets resurrected. It went to SHIT. And it's really too bad because the movie was actually really good. The last half an hour or so completely SUCKED. They make Jimmy Bones, this character we did care about, into an evil monster that we all of a sudden don't give a SHIT about. We go from liking him to not liking him in a matter of seconds. This ruined the movie for me.

Something that didn't really bother me but I thought was funny was how Katherine Isabelle's character kept the red eyed dog for a pet. It was like "Hello, he has red fucking eye's, do you think that's normal"? If that was me I would have been running. And NOBODY noticed his red eye's when they were only glowing practically all the time. I thought that was hilarious. By the way, Katherine Isabelle is extremely hot. I thought she was hot in Ginger Snaps but she was even hotter in BONES.

I did think that the maggots were cool, it was disgusting but cool. I didn't like the talking heads though, I thought that really sucked. It was so stupid. And the blood looked bad, it looked like paint, in fact, that's probably what they used for the blood.

During the first half of this movie I was hoping for a sequel, but now I don't care. Overall it was a decent flick. The first half was awesome and the second half was horrible. AWESOME + HORRIBLE = "OK" , that being said I'm going to have to give BONES a final grade of a 6/10.
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Bones - 7/10

Ok, somehow my oddball taste in movies must have caused me to have a reverse liking in this one. I actually enjoyed the finale more than the story itself. This more than likely stems back to my short attention span and dislike for movies like The Sixth Sense.

I was particularly impressed with the opening scene where two dumbasses decide to go where they schouldn't be... whoa!! Did you guys mind Bones having you for dinner? The red-eyed dog was bad-ass, and Snoop Dogg surprisingly fit the part as Jimmy Bones. Then that part at the end that didn't seem to appeal to many was pretty cool. I do agree that the story transcended from a serious story about death and revenge to your average slasher, but hey ... it was entertaining to me. Those talking heads made me laugh. And the CGI-spirit world? Very cool indeed.

Actually, the movie kind of seems like the black version of The Haunting, only with the significant ingredient of entertainment. There were only 3 things that didn't entirely work for me -- first, there wasn't enough action during the first half. Second, is there some reason that so many horror movies have to have some pyschic or voodoo chick or anyone else that's just weird telling the story? I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Final Destination just to name a couple that come to mind. The pyschic chick here is Pam Grier, what a waste. Third, and many others seem to notice this -- the blood that looks just like paint, on the ground, on the pipes... c'mon fellas, I realize this was low budget, but really now...

Aside from 3 small gripes, it was very enjoyable -- and probably the most significant fact is that when it was in theaters, I wouldn't dare watch it -- it looked like shit! I was impressed to say the least.
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