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Apocalyptic Horror Novels...

Can anyone recommend any cool apocalyptic horror novels. The grander the scale the better. It's recently come to my attention that this particular niche genre is something I feel particularly drawn to. Some of my fave horror books are The Stand by Stephen King, Blood Crazy, King Blood & Stranger by Simon Clark, Swan Song by Robert R McCammon, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson and Domain by James Herbert. These are all horror novels with an apocalyptic storyline. Can anyone recommend anything similar? Cheers.
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before I read your entire message I was going to reccommend Domain by Herbert, have you read the other two books in the series? I think they're called Rats and Lair, they're pretty decent too.

as for others, I dunno.

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Domain is the third book after The Rats and Lair. i think its pretty good to read the first two first, they kind of set the whole thing up.

the stand is probably the greatest novel of this type though, its the only one thats really jumping to me other than domain.
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I've read all three books in Herbert's Rats series of novels but only the third one could be considered apocalyptic. They are all fucking ace though. Thanks anyway...any other schmoes got any suggestions?
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Been talking about these types of books with a friend and he reccommended a book called The Blood of The Lamb by Thomas F. Monteleone hopefully this will take you to an excerpt

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The Stand (Yeah, that was sponatneous)
I Am Legend
The Last Woman
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