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Originally posted by Freeway
I was up till three in the morning yesterday reading The Traveling Vampire Show by Laymon because it was so good that I just had to finish it. Btw, has anyone else read the aforementioned fantastic book? It is now one of my favorite books that I have ever read. Take Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and make it about 100 times edgier and you have got The Traveling Vampire Show. I also believe that Laymon is underrated when it comes to creating characters because he created some unbelievably likable and unlikable characters in The Traveling Vampire Show.
Excellent, excellent choice, Freeway! I agree with everything you said about Laymon. His characters are fantastic - so realistic and believable that you really don't want them to die. But, of course, they usually do I think VAMPIRE SHOW is also comparable to King's THE BODY.

What else have you read by Laymon?

My other favourites include THE STAKE, ISLAND, BODY RIDES, CUTS and A WRITERS TALE (his autobiography).

Anybody who thinks books are boring (and yes, I mean you Zombie!) should give Laymon a try. His books are more exciting and intense than any horror movie.
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