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Strangers on a Train

*This will be quick as I am tired, but I felt that I needed to rant and rave about a supposed film classic.

I have only seen the british version of Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, so hopefully the american version is better.

Some old movies hold up and some don't, this one sadly does not. This was the last of Hitchcock's classic's I saw a while back in April, and I couldn't help but feel disappointed. The positive about the film is the final twenty minutes and that terrific finale on the merry-go-round.

The negative is practically the entire film up to that point. I did not care for Robert Walkers performance, Anthony Hopkins puts him to shame when it comes to psycho's. There was no suspense until the last third, and it did not involve me whatsoever: uninteresting.

I have high hopes for many movies and most live up to it, but this one did not. 5/10

*I would appreciate other thoughts on this film.
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Wow. this in my opinion is hitchcocks second greatest film of all time (Vertigo is number one at 10/10). This gets a very high and deserving 9/10. So brilliantly undertoned, shot, directed, acted, written, paced... I really love this movie. It's one that I usually watch often. Awesome great film. Sorry you dis-liked it.
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Which version did you see? Could you give examples of certain things?
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Fergus,I'm sorry you did'nt like Strangers on a Train.I of coarse feel it's one of the best of Hitchcock's films.I felt it had all the elements of a great suspense/thriller.
I also think it was the best performance Robert Walker ever gave in his short life(or what I consider short).10/10
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This is one of Hitchcock's greatest films, In my opinion. It's a precursor to the classic PSYCHO.
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I didn't know there was a different version of strangers on a train. There was only one black and white version which was most likely american. He left Britain in like the 40's or something.

The ending scene in the fair is so mysterious. To me it gave a haunting undertone to a place that is meant to be fun for people. The Tennis match was very well acted and directed. The opening "meeting" scene was just so fucking well written. The scenes in the "stranger"s house are disturbing and horrifying. not "AHHH!" horrifying, more like there's something in my goddamn skin and I can't get it out, horrifying.
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Yes, there are two versions, the 'American Version' runs 101 minutes, and the 'British Version' runs two minutes longer and has a different ending, and different dialogue in the opening scene. That is a big difference. Also, the Brit one said so on the cover of the case. So we'll see which one is better.
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I also thought this film was a little overrated, but still very good. 8/10
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Since there was a new post, I'd like to say that I actually got to see the american version of Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. I must say, it was way better than the british version. The changed ending was kinda silly, but it was tighter, and had more suspense in it. This version, I might add, was two minutes shorter, and I'm glad. I actually respect the film, and see why it is viewed as a classic. It is not a personal favorite, but one of Hitchcock's best films.

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Longer is not always better.
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Hitchcock's awesome. Stranger on a Train is not my favorite It's original in many ways the B&W Cinematography is a treat and the editing well lets just say it has some of the best edited sequences in film history not a lot of people realize his editing but that's good because good editing should be fluid like moving with out notice and this movie has it.10/10
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Old 06-24-2003, 08:32 PM
I just watched this yesterday after my mom reccomended it to me. I actuallly enjoyed it a lot. The performances of the two leads were great, and the movie did hold my attention and get my heart racing a bit. Another thing I really liked about it was how fast the movie got going. It sucks you into its intriguing storyline right away. But after a while, the movie does run a tad too long, but the finale is worth it. I liked the cinematography and the creative characters. Still a solid Hitchcock film.

My Rating: 7/10
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