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Adbusters Magazine

Have any of you seen or read Adbusters? It is only available in bookstores, but it is a GREAT magazine IMO. It is an anti-consumerism, anti-corporation magazine that has no ads, it instead shows weird pictures with captions below them. It also talks about political issues facing the world today, and also uses pics to talk about them. I highly recommend this magazine, it is truly a great read.
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I have read this magazine before, witty funny stuff. Very anti-commercialism and jabbing at society. What's not to like? My favorite things in those magazines are the mockery ads. Like "joe chemo" showing the trademark cigarette camel in a hospital. Or a satirical "obsession" ad for calvin klein showing a grossly skinny model puking into a toilet. Brilliant.
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Sounds neat. Never seen one in a bookstore I've been to. Lousy Canada!
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Oh, shit! I gotta get me a copy of that mag!
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Here's some samples:

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checkout there web-site adbusters
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