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William Fichtner

Mr. Fichtner is one of those guys you see quite often as a supporting character. I think he does very well with his roles and it's always nice to see him in films. Yay.
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YAY for me for his appearance in Whats The Worst Could Happen & his VERY revealing self in GO!
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Originally posted by BorderEevilIII

Are those action figures? They look like plastic people. Anyway, put me down for a NAY because I don't like his acting.
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Good call Moviefan1234, I'm a big fan of his!!!!
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He's a great actor. He's one of those guys who when you rent a movie and your friend asks, "Who's in this flick?" and you say, "Um, William Fichtner." And your friend is like, "Who the hell is that?"

Then you start to watch the movie and Fichtner pops up on the screen, your friend goes, "Hey, it's that guy! Who is he? He rules!"

Then you say, "That's William Fichtner, the guy I was talking about earlier."

He's one of those guys who normal going movie folk are not going to know the names of, but they'll know the face.
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