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Marvels What If Comics Series...

I just read Marvels What If comic Book...not all of them,just one...and it was enough,it is to date my favorite comic of all time,that may just be because i just started getting into comics but still,I fell in love with it....It is titled 25 years later...

heres a rundown on the story,let me know if you like it or think it was good...


In a planet filled with mutant heroes and villains,they all have come past their differences,and are all friends,peers,no longer fighting.No humans or anything on the planet,just mutants.And the kids of certain heroes like thor,enchantress,dr. doom,she-hulk,captain america,rogue,wolverine,storm etc., are all close friends.Just then,the son of Dr. Doom and Enchantress decides to try and take over the planet,and wants the other kids to join him.They don't want to.So he and his clique or kids (not kids really,all teens) fight in a war with the good kids & eventually their parents....and in the end,it leads to an awesome ending,which caught me greatly....the good surviving kids all go to earth and try and find a way to stay back there and get their parents down their,but while there,they encounter hundreds of sentinels,leading to them deciding to stay there and fight the good fight...leaving off an ending with room to make many more comics...did they ever?nonetheless,my favorite comic by far.
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I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the "What If" series. and was very glad they brought it back many moons ago. very solid stories that told very strange and fun and interesting ideas.....
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glad to see im not alone...i just bid on a bunch of em on ebay.
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