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Old 07-07-2003, 12:20 AM
Why do people dump on Battlefield Earth so much?

When Battlefield Earth the movie was coming out, I remember the early trailers mentioned it was based on something like "the best selling sci-fi novel of all time". I eventually bought the 1050 page behemoth, and read it in a few weeks.

While I later found out the sales figures have apparently been artificially inflated, this did not deter me from finding the book extremely enjoyable. It's not exactly Heinlein, or anything like that, but it was a very entertaining adventurous romp, with a deliberately ridiculously over-the-top hero.

People seem to be expecting this book to be another Foundation or something. There are all these like 1/10 or 2/10 reviews, etc. While I'd agree it was too long (some extra subplots could of been deleted entirely with little effect - probably as much as 200 pages), I found it enjoyable enough to actually read TWICE.

BTW, a review on iblist.com talks about them flying harriers. Is it just me, or does this NOT HAPPEN IN THE BOOK?
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Old 07-07-2003, 07:30 AM

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Old 07-07-2003, 09:51 AM
i agree with the comment above. the book started out pretty well...i really enjoyed the first 300-400 pages or so. after that, it pretty much disappeared up its own arsehole
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Old 07-07-2003, 11:15 AM
Yeah, as I said, it could of used a better editor. I'd assume by that time, Hubbard didn't listen to any editors much - prove of this is the Invaders Plan dekology, which gets more and more long winded and boring as you go (no, I didn't read all of it, and I never will).


I always assumed Psychlo was gone right after they sent those nukes, even though Hubbard didn't make it completely clear


Myself though, I did rather enjoy the last third of the book. It really could be three books. "Conquering Earth", "Consolidating Earth" and "Keeping Earth". The second and third parts are too long and drag in spots, but I still enjoyed them.
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Old 07-07-2003, 12:32 PM

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Old 07-07-2003, 12:35 PM
Originally posted by fareastthunder

If you read Larry Niven's Footfall, you'll find a similar story type that was executed much better. It is still flawed as a story but it only clocks 500 pages and it has killer alien elephants instead of killer alien shrinks.

i really enjoyed footfall. the elephants were a little surreal, but it was a great book. i found it easier to get into the spirit of the thing with footfall. and it didnt suffer from "head up own arse" syndrome
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