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David Gemmell Books

In brief i think that David Gemmell is amaxing and i advise any fantasy fan to invest in one.....especially Waylander
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I've read a whole bunch of Gemmell books but the best thus far has been Legend. It's a masterpiece. I recall the first time I read it thinking about how great a movie it would make. Still ain't happened. I always thought that Sean Connery would be an excellent choice to play Druss but he's likely past it now. He'd have been ideal around the time of The Rock.
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have you read WhiteWolf?

I've read quite a lot of Gemmell, recently finished 'echoes of the great song' and now im readin 'The legend of deathwalker'

I think connery is too small for the role of Druss, possibly Kurt Russell with his full beard like 'The Thing'
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This is a little off track but im not up to date with the x men comics, what happens to jean grey, she comes back as phoenix? and thats bad?
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I've read nearly every Gemmell novel so far, still need to read whitewolf and a couple of others. hes one of my favourite fantasy authors and creates some amazing characters

ahhhh druss, waylander...i miss you both...
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Whitewolf is a prequel to legend and druss is back.

Its a shame no movies are being made of gemmell (hint hint)....
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legend as a movie.

i would be quite willing to have that as my directing debut
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And the good thing is if it takes off there are many sequels and prequels available.

No dragons or Orcs, just thousands of native Nadir storming the walls.

I also like the sequel where the Nadir become the saviours of the Drenai thanks to the half breed.
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