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Criminal Macabre...

Is anyone reading this brilliant comic from the creator team who produced the fantastic '30 Days Of Night'? It's a detective noir horror story and the main character, Cal McDonald, is a brilliant creation. It's three issues into a 5-issue run but there are to be more mini-series in the future. The artwork is especially deserving of praise. Ben Templesmith's art reminds me a little of less dayglow Bill Sienkiewicz. It's full of shadows and muted, murky colours. Very atmospheric. I strongly recommend that any fans of horror fiction run out to the nearest comic store and pick up the first three issues (good luck though...I think the first is sold out but there may be a reprint). There will definitely be a trade paperback at some point down the line though.

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I don't know of the comic book, but the artwork kicks ass. If I can find it somewhere here (in France), I'll be sure to check it out.
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Yeah Ive been reading Criminal macabre Psycho Candy. I agree its an excellent comic, with the creepy art style. Only thing is I find the art by Ben Templesmith a tad over rated. Ill give him points for spooky images here and there and the colors are great...but the art seems just a little too doodly sometimes, it feels like he is drawing these comics really fast or something. But the results are not that bad, his art owes a lot to the use of computer fx and the moody coloring.

It takes balls to make a comic about a drug/alcohol addicted supernatural detective. Carl MacDonald is certainly no role model...Steve Niles makes some interesting and funny dialogue coming from Carl.
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