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Anyone here read Frank Millers Hard Boiled?

Holy shit! This comic just blew me away with its incredible art by Geof Darrow, and its huge amounts of violence.

It seems to me that Frank Miller just wanted to go all out and shock people with this one cause, it just goes so over the top with the violence and the gore!

The detail on the art is amazing, I dont think Id ever seen art thats this detailed! So many little people and things to look at youll find yourself inmersed in a splash page for hours! I thought since this comic is mostly composed of splash pages that Id finish reading it in no time, well, I was wrong! Theres so much of the story thats told with the images..youll see what I mean. Geof Darrow has got an incredible eye for detail and realism. Just thinking at all the work that it must have been to do this makes me appreciate it even more.

In terms of the story well, its not very complex, at times it seemed to me that the story is just an excuse to go all out on the violent scenes and the gore. But lets face it those action scenes, the shooting, the explosions and the chases where all very well orchestrated. One phrase can be used to describe this book: total chaos!

Any one seen this? If you havent get off your ass and get it now!

That is, if you enjoy senseless violence mixed with science fiction and loads of sexual references...this aint no comic for little kids...this is defenetly hard core stuff.

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Old 02-15-2003, 02:22 AM
I read this when it came out a good few years ago and remember being blown away (pun intended ) by the artwork! I'd never seen anything so detailed in what was essentially a comic book.

As spacemonkey says, the plot is, to coin a phrase, "wafer thin", but then again so are most action movie plots, and this is basically an all out action movie on a series of drawn pages!

I highly recommend that anyone who likes graphic novels, ultra-violence and stunning art track this down right now!
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Hey Fettdog, you know Frank Miller also wrote Robocop 2, and I couldnt help but notice the striking similarities between Hardboiled and Robocop 2.

They are just to similar..check it out:

1- A cyborg who dreams of being human.

2- Two Robots duke it out in the middle of the city wrecking all sort of chaos and mayhem all through out. One robots our confused hero, the other a malfunctioning droid.

3- They both take place in a fucked up city. I mean Detroit of the future is one fucked up place...the hookers steal from the crooks who in turn steal from the homeless? shit...and the city in Hardboiled is also a messed up dirty, run down, sex filled, sin city!

Hmm...looks to me like Franky boy just tried to incorporate some elements of Hard Boiled into Robocop and just took advantage of that. Still Robocop 2 and Hardboiled stand out as homages to the good ole ultraviolence if you ask me.

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Old 07-22-2003, 10:13 AM

Just wondering if anyone else has enjoyed this graphic novel...
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Old 07-25-2003, 07:19 AM
Yup, I sure enjoyed it. More for the artwork than for the rest, but it's definitely a keeper.
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