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Marisa Coughlan

There have been ads playing on TV about Super Troopers coming soon, and it got me to thinking of hottie Marisa Coughlan. She hasn't had the best movie career, Teaching Mrs Tingle, granted I didn't hate it as much as other people, and she was the best thing about it, Freddy Got Fingered and Gossip. Still she's cute, funny, and deserves bigger and better roles. Kinda remids me of Alyson Hannigan and Amanda Detmer put together.

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Yay, She's cute and was good in Super Troopers and Freddy Got Fingered.
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Old 08-03-2003, 04:49 PM
NAY! I don't find her attractive in the least and her films are shitty, and in doing so, she gives AWFUL performances. I hope she has a better future, then maybe I could change my mind about her 'acting'. But I still won't change my mind about her looks.
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I'll give her a yay, she's pretty cute.
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