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Natural City ('03) (South Korea)

Anybody seen this film? If so, what'd ya think?
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This actually came on tv a month ago, but I missed it. I did see the villian from OLDBOY listed as one of the cast members, but somehow I didn't get the urge to view it.
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Coming from Image Entertainment next week:


Rebuilt after a devastating war, the world of 2080 has given rise to advanced technologies including the creation of cyborgs. Created with artificial intelligence (AI), human-like emotions and great strength, they serve one master for their entire lifespan. When the cyborgs revolt, R (Yoo Ji-tae)and Noma (Yoon Chan), R?s best friend and commander, lead an elite military squad ordered to eliminate the rebellion. Unbeknownst to anyone, R has fallen in love with Ria (Seo Rin), his cyborg, and is illegally harvesting AI chips from dead cyborgs in order to save her life. Torn between his love for Ria and the battle to save mankind, humanity?s fate hangs in the balance.

Some comments:

A lot better than expected, 20 February 2004

Author: Simon Booth from UK

Just watched NATURAL CITY, which I wasn't expecting to enjoy too much after most of the other Korean sci-fi "blockbuster" films of the past few years, but I do think this one is the pick of the litter.

It's an interesting and perhaps slightly muddled film, that mixes sci-fi spectacle and fantastic action scenes with a much more subtle and introspective side that's really the core of the film and probably befuddled the audience a lot. The cyborgs and mad scientists aren't really what the film is about, it's about the loneliness and detachment of the characters in a world where personal relationships have deteriorated even further than in our own. The fact that the acting is "wooden" is arguably deliberate, as the characters have no real emotional lives. It's a bit like Stephen Spielberg directing a Wong Kar Wai script... or vice versa... or something There's some Mamoru Oshii in there too.


Not as bad as some reviewers claim and definitely should score higher., 6 January 2005
Author: dennisyoon from Washington DC

Did you know that George Lucas was inspired to make "Star Wars" from a Japanese film called "Hidden Fortress"? Bet some of the reviewers here didn't. Why get all bent out of shape when the person who made "Blade Runner" did the same thing. Every film maker is inspired by someone else's work.

OK, the action and visuals are nice. The characters are very mechanical and they don't go deep into them so the movie seemed more focused on action and CGI. There were some slow spots between the action and the characters really didn't pull me in much. Yes, there is plenty of borrowing from Blade Runner but it didn't bother me much. Hollywood borrows plenty as well. I don't get upset about it. Without sampling there would be no Hip-Hop or Star Wars.

If you like action, sci-fi, and CGI and don't need a lot of character development, give it a go.


Excellent film, 2 May 2005
Author: Matt Stephenson from Orlando, FL, United States

I don't understand the low rating of this picture.

THIS is what science fiction SHOULD be!!! Too much sci-fi has become pretty people in black PVC or leather bondage gear blowing things up in 360 slow-mo. Natural City actually sits back and tells a tells a story without bludgeoning us with Matrix-lite effects.

This is as much a sad tale of love denied as it is a renegade cop, a cyborg, a "hooker with(out) a heart of gold" and the military-industrial complex of a the future.

YES, the story is derivative of Blade Runner. Most, if not all, sci-fi of today is derivative of either Blade Runner, Mad Max or 1984. Move on. Enjoy the good stuff when it happens.

LOVED the fact that they did not stomp all over the subtleties of this movie with the standard industrial metal soundtrack that is de riguer in much sci-fi. The piano score was haunting and kept us grounded in R's sorrow for his pending loss.

Come into Natural City with an open mind and no Blade Runner hang-ups and you will be rewarded with a very good film. Not since Minority Report have we seen sci-fi done with this much respect paid to thinking grown ups.
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I picked up this movie a few years ago and sort if dug it. Totally not memorable and I haven't dusted it off since it's first spin.
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I found that there was zero character or story development. The effects were decent at best and there was nill action. Not a great sci-fi if you ask me. I enjoyed Ghost In the Shell 2 much more.
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Solid sci-fi flick in my book. I did a full review for the site I write for, so PM me if you want the link.
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So, what exactly did you find solid about the film? I'm genuinely curious.
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For one , the special effect are top-notch. This is a big budget movie and it shows. If you're into visual , you cannot NOT dig this movie.

But it does feel like an extended "second half of the director's cut of Bladerunner" ( the love story ). So don't expect a deep meaning like Blade Runner. It's just a real good pop-corn movie

PS" That chopper at the end got the worst accuracy EVER .... 10000 bullets straight in the face and no hits LOLOL
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