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Stephen King's "Rose Madder"

Anyone check this one out? I just finished it last week.... I liked that it was an exciting thriller, but I kinda expected it to be more realistic I think...

After reading Gerald's Game, that felt all real... Great character study, so I kinda expected more of the same from this one, something less supernatural, and more real...


I think the book lost credibility with me, when Rosie found that the painting she bought was turning real, and it was a portal to another world... I understood the symbolic references between the bull in the maze and her life with Norman.... I did kinda like some of the subtleties about it...


But I don't know... I just thought it could've been much more horrifying, if he had stayed with a real plot... Also, I thought that the book should've ended when they were at the fair, the way King set that whole scenario up, just to have it end the way it did... Was a bit disappointing....

Overall a decent page-turning thriller... But nothing more than that...
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I really enjoyed the 'other world' sequences...I mean, it wasn't really believable, but I liked the way that Rosie's rage is embodied in Rose Madder. I also like the way that Dorcas looks like Wendy Yarrow, as if to say that these women (and the baby) are people who Norman has taken life from, so Rosie gets her chance to reclaim herself from Norman.

I also like the way that Stephen King has Norman think back on his family life (the molestation and beatings, his mother leaving). While you never really feel SORRY for Norman, you almost understand why he does what he does..and more than anything else in the novel, it freaks me out that I can understand the mindset of a monster like Norman.

*end spoiler*

My rating for the book: 9/10

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Is this the one where the husband goes crazy and shaves his head and becomes the ultimate bad guy, like the crazy kamikaze dude in INSOMNIA, or tons of other King books where someone all of a sudden becomes a crazy stalker/killer in the last third of the book just to cause more plot complications?

I thought Rose Madder was pretty good, but I really got tired of the same plot devices in the latter part of the book. I couldn't help but have the "been there, done that" mentality.
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one of my least favorite King books. Dolores Claiborne is a much better King spousal abuse book.
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I personally liked this book alot. I'll agree that it was a tad disappointing when the supernatural came into play but I still enjoyed it. I think it is one of Kings better written novels.
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For me, this book had a lot of charm, though at times it could have been a little more... what's the word... it could have had more flow. I don't think that's the right word, but bear with me.

Once again, King excels at characterisation and the way he wrote Norman was utterly convincing and had justification. As darchy said, despite his rather tragic and disgusting upbringing, you don't actually feel SYMPATHY for him, much like the psychotic child from "It" and his father, Crazy Butch.
I also dug how he wrote the character of Rosie, she starts so vulnerable and a dull wallflower who has no confidence, but as time goes one, she grows a spine and she learns how to live once more, and becoming a better person for it.
Her attachment to the painting explains volumes in regards to how she sees things that other people do not, ie. the deeper meaning of the picture and the strange kinship she feels for the woman on the hill, before she even steps into Rose Madder's world.
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