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Lee Mi-yeon

Welcome, welcome to another in my obscure foreign actresses series. I never get any replies, but I write 'em anyway.

The biography is taken from koreanfilm.org (it's the only english language info I can find)
Lee Mi-yeon (b. September 23, 1971) debuted in 1989 in a production by Cinema Service founder Kang Woo-suk titled Happiness Has Nothing To Do With School Records. Over the course of the 1990s she became quite famous, and after a short pause from filmmaking in 1995 she returned with a vengeance, taking on a role in the cult hit No. 3 and, in the following year, playing a schoolteacher in the second-biggest Korean film of 1998, horror film Whispering Corridors.

The year 2001 proved to be a mixed blessing for Lee. The news that her husband, actor Kim Seung-woo, had divorced her ended up as one of the biggest entertainment-related stories of the year. Shortly thereafter, however, she won a Best Actress award from the 2000 Blue Dragon Awards ceremony for her role in the low-profile film Pisces.

The award and all the press attention proved to be a boost to her career. In Indian Summer she played a woman accused of killing her husband, and then in November she starred as a Communist sympathizer in the latest feature by veteran director Bae Chang-ho. The following year she starred opposite mega-star Lee Byung-heon in the melodrama Addicted, as a woman who must cope with an unusual situation after her husband's death.

After several years away from the screen, Lee returns in 2005 in Kwak Kyung-taek's blockbuster Typhoon, which ranks as the most expensive Korean film in history.

Holy God, she's just gorgeous... ahem.
I've only seen Lee in two films: Addicted, soon to be remade with Sarah Michelle Gellar in Lee's role (arrrrrgggggghhhhhh) and The Harmonium In My Memory, both with Lee Byung-hun, with whom she has great screen chemistry. In both she's exceptional; Addicted is an Oscar worthy performance. One of the things I most admire about Sissy Spacek, another favourite of mine, is how she listens on screen and in both Addicted and Harmonium Lee shows that she's particualrly great when she's listening and reacting to another actor (indeed Addicted hangs on her making her reactions to one of Lee Byung-hun's speeches believeable).
I've added all the other films she's in that are available in the UK (Whispering Coridoors and Christmas In August) to my rental list on screenselect and may yet blind buy a few of her others (Pisces seems a good bet, given the award).
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Absolutely gorgeous and a fine actress!
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An extremley beautifull woman.

I loooooove Aisan women.
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