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Comic Artists

Ok this is about artists that are only on a book for a short period of time. Well it pisses me off really. Why things can't work out like Preacher, Y the Last Man or even Ultimate Spiderman in terms of the run of an artist is beyond me.

I know they probably have other comittments or other things they want to work on but i think keeping the same artist on a book should be somehing the companies should be shooting for. That isnt to say that they should never change, sometimes the art realyl doesn't fit to writing style or presentaion of the story (ie you wouldn't have Textiara drawing Spider Man Loves MJ). But there needs to be a consistency to the art that alot of books just don't have and its sad. And also you can have little breaks for your main artist like in Ythe Last Man where the Arizona story was drwan by someone different but stil la similar style.

I meen the biggest gripe i have is the leaving of Tony Moore off Walking Dead. Don't get me wrong, Alards drawings are pretty good but they don't have the detail and feel that Moore's did in the first arc. I meen wasn't Moore being on the book the biggest selling point of the book before everyone fell inlove with the writing? You could argue that they justified not keeping him once they saw the real merits of the story were in the actual story and not the drawings but i can't help but wonder how much better Walking Dead could have been if Moore stayed on.

But even worse is when they do this on limited series's. I remeber picking up this Superman LS that was about Jimmy Olen and this ting called The Tech, can't rember the exact title, and the artist was chaged 6 issues though a 12 issue LS! WTF!?!?! i just don't understand it, infact atleast in that instance it sort of ruined the story for me having to get used to a new artists depictions of characters in the same story.

Well tahts just me anyways, does anyone else share this gripe???
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