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Old 12-25-2006, 09:13 AM
How many horror comic series are there currently?

I read a novel about 30 Days of Night and now I'm interested in that series but someone told me that it's over now.

The only other I know of are The Walking Dead and Buffy Season 8 (coming soon).
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Old 12-25-2006, 09:55 AM
Ok...here goes.

You've alread mentioned The Walking Dead and the new Whedon scripted Buffy comic (the former of which I love and the latter of which i'm looking forward to with feverish anticipation). Here are some other horror comics I would recommend you check out.

Black Gas by Warren Ellis

This is on its second volume. The first has been collected in a TPB and I would recommend you just buy that then wait for volume 2 to likewise be collected. It's a great example of apocalyptic horror as millions of individuals go murderously insane after coming into contact with the black gas of the title. This is horror that's taking no prisoners. Unapologetically violent but well written and illustrated. I loved the first volume and the second is off to an exciting start as the situation continues to escalate.

Friday The 13th

The first issue of this came as something of a surprise after being let down by Wildstorm's other two horror comics (Nightmare On Elm St and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre). Nicely illustrated and with a truly interesting plot that seems intent on creating an elaborate mythos/background for the events at Crystal Lake (even predating Jason). It's both knowing and smart with a stock cast of characters that are actually well written and have a reason for being at Crystal Lake despite it's grisly past. This one is looking good.


This is a Vertigo title and while it's not all out horror it contains enough scenes to make the skin crawl to at least merit mention. Add to this the fact that it's one of the best written comics currently on the shelves and you have a title that you'd have to be insane to pass up on. It's that good. Not just a little bit good. Not just passably entertaining. It's fucking essential reading for everyone. Whether you read comics or not.


Now this is interesting. Basically you have the city of New York being increasingly massacred night after night by a vampire plague that's sweeping relentlessly through the streets. The story so far has focused on a cop who is only a day or so away from early retirement (due to him being traumatised by the murder of his wife). This is a slow burn comic book with stunning art (reminds me a lot of Jae Lee) and a sympathetic lead. I get the feeling that this could be the next 30 Days Of Night style success. It certainly reads like the sort of thing that would catch Hollywood's eye. Great stuff and highly recommended.

Be back with more later (probably).
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Old 01-01-2007, 12:20 PM
Yeah, right now is the time for horror Comics.

Walking Dead and Exterminators are amazing, probably the best two you can find

But then again i'm forgetting Hack/Slash which is about a girl who goes around killing slashrs (guys kinda like jason and freddy)
And the new one, the main charactrers Cassie and Vlad are taking on Chucky from Child's play

On top of that we have hordes of zombie comics. Inluding Black Gas, Escape the Living Dead, Zombies, Dead World, Marvel Zombies, Army of Darknes/Marvel Zombies

- PLus Marvel is finally bringing back all the old horror stuff from the 70's like Man-thing, GhostRider, Werewolf-by-night, Morbius

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, go to your local comic shop and grab teh new copy of Previews. Previews is teh oreder form for all the comic related stuff that comes out. If you'll flip through that, you'll find all sorts of different Horror Comics
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