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James Patterson

I just finished his Judge and Jury book, got it for Christmas with Cross, and it was excellent. Perfect book to get, some really good twists in the book.

I am now reading Cross, which I am not getting into as much as I was hoping. Still only in the first 50 pages though.

The Women's Murder Club are his weakest, in my opinion, I kinda lost track of what was going on after the third book, and have passed on the new ones.

I have read most of his books, and have enjoyed each one.

So what are your favorites?
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I have only read Jack & Jill and Roses Are Red.

Roses Are Red is fantastic. The ending left me speechless!
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Young Son, how do you feel about the short chapters? I think they improve the book, and get more to the point. We get plenty of information, and it doesn't go on and on forever.
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Personally I prefer shorter chapters in a book because I never put a book away mid-chapter, so to speak. With shorter chapters it makes me want to read further.

But I read those two books a few years ago now.
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