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Batman HUSH

I just finished reading volumes one and two. I thought that the villain was very obvious, considering that this is the first time we see tommy elliot. i mean as you read on, you begin thinking why would they develop this character so much in this comic unless he plays a very important role.

secondly, it felt that the story was just created to give the new writer and artist a way of making batman fight all the old enemies.

One good note, loved the artwork.
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Personally, I enjoy everything that Loeb does, even stuff as lackluster as HUSH. I don't really feel like he was attempting to hide who the villain was, I mean it IS pretty obvioius (although, I admit, I thought Loeb was going to reveal someone completely different towards the end, and have Tommy Elliot be a red herring). He definetely didn't attempt the kind of twist found in books like Long Halloween and Dark Victory, but all in all I think it was a pretty solid effort.

And your right, the artwork is truly remarkable. Jim Lee is a master of his craft. Perhaps that's why I enjoy this seemingly shallow effort so much, it just so easy on the eyes.
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Originally posted by Danger^Cart
Jim Lee is a master of his craft.
He's on my personal Comics Mt. Rushmore
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The secret never really was Tommy, too obvious. The question was who was behind it. Not that it was really hard to figure out eiither.

But it still is definatley one of Jim Lee's best works
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Originally posted by Buck Turgidson
He's on my personal Comics Mt. Rushmore
(high five)

His compositions continuously remind me how much my skills are lacking..... and don't get me started on his buildings.
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didn`t he get voted as drawing the best batman ?.

i love his art and loeb knows batman like the inside of his hands if you`ve read his work with tim sale.

but i liked hush and yes its easy to pick the bad guy but it would of been cool and very comic book if jason todd was the bad guy.
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