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Please look for a topic before posting new threads

This seems to be a reoccurring issue here, and hopefully we can remedy it together.

Please, PLEASE for the love of all that is unholy - take 4 or 5 minutes to look through the thread titles to ensure that you aren't posting a new thread on a topic that already has a thread. There is an option below the threads...you can look at threads all the way from the beginning of this forum, surely all you need to find what you're looking for will be from within the last 60 days (threads move slowly) - then post your thread by all means, if there isn't already an existing thread on your subject.


Bourahioro - Moderator

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Aye; two words people: search engine.
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personally.. I don't see what the big deal is.

when you have a forum board with a shit ton of people, and HOW many threads?!..you're bound to get a repeat thread.

and so what? it gives you a reason to post another reply..hell maybe things wouldn't be so dead around here, if there were more hot topics to answer to..repeat or not!

I mean, I get not wanting the same thread back to back..
but its a new question to SOMEONE, and opinions are always changing..
perhaps someone who answered the original topic, may have changed their mind the next time it came around.

I'm open to ALL conversations..new or old!
and I'm sure as hell not going to search through hundreds of posts to see if someone else has MAYBE talked about it.

don't like it..don't answer it.

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I'm not sure why instead of following suit and doing the same thing that's expected and appreciated of EVERY Schmoe here, you chose to post your argument in a thread that hasn't been posted in, in 4 years . And just like bigred760 said 4 years ago there IS a search engine to make sure that multiple threads that take up space aren't created and making work for the moderators that have to merge them to free up space.

Thanks for understanding.

p.s. - There are a couple of threads you might want to make use of - rant, rant, rant or site suggestions, questions - both are self explanatory.

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conformity isn't really my style.

although it seems to be something you take great pride in!
hows that working out for ya? =)

don't get your panties in a twist, dude..
opinions are like assholes..everyone has one.
I just decided to share mine!
..my opinion, that is.
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This has absolutely nothing to do with conformity, nor are my "panties in a bunch". This is something that Moderators and The Admins encourage (checking for old threads in the search engine before posting a repeat thread), especially with newer users who may, or may not be familiar with the rules, and practices here. No big.

If you have a suggestion for the site you'd like to make, check out the site suggestions/questions threads.... If you have a grips with something/anything, check out the rant, rant, rant threads.

In the meantime, it's suggested and maybe even recommended, that you please looks to see if there is an existing thread for the topic you may want to post, before posting something and creating a duplicate.

As well, you should also take a few minutes to read the Rules & Regulations for the threads (and really, the site in general). Just to make sure you know what's acceptable, and not (there aren't many "rules" per se).

SkyNet is the Moderator for this forum now (and a damned good one, at that) - He can educate you further if you felt inclined to PM him with any questions you may have.

Thanks again.

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