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Brian Michael Bendis

What do you think of this dude?
I loved his run on Daredevil. Loved Alias, and the Pulse.

I've been meaning to read his earlier work, ie. goldfish, jinx, and the lot.
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Bendis is awesome, I love his Ultimate Spiderman shit, also the first 6 New Avengers issues were fucking awesome.
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....is a douchebag.
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Don't hold back Danger....tell us how you really feel
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He did some good shit... then he made Wolverine utter the most retarded series of words ever.
And the turning Spider-Man Jewish is getting old. Every Spider-Man issue Bendis writes he has to make Spidey say "Oy vey!" or something.
And New Avengers... I commend him for resurrecting Luke Cage, but Spider-Man and Spider-Woman? I guarantee he wanted to put Spider-Girl and Venom on the team, cos he loves spiders so much, but at least one Marvel exec wasn't doing coke that day and said "Whoa, Brian, man, no more spiders in the Avengers!"
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I think his "Powers" comic is one of the best currently being written. Also Alias was rather good, and I really really dig his early crime stuff. I havent gotten as much into ultimate Spiderman, but what Ive read I enjoyed. I did get a kick out of New Avengers. Basically I love the guy's work.
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Originally posted by Danger^Cart
....is a douchebag.


"And how does that make you FEEL?"

Why do you say this?
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