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whats your fav comic series

my top comic series off all time that i spent alot of time traweling through comic shops and 2nd hand book stores to collect is GEN 13.

love this series,sure the j scott campbell run at the start made it a tit and ass book but i like the silly plot lines and the art great and i`m liking but not loving the new series.

also a fan of the new supergirl comic ,good artwork and story.apart from the fight with batgirl.

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The mid to late 90s had the best comics as far as I'm concerned...I can't pick just one title, but all my faves are from that period:

The Darkness
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That's the only answer I'll ever have for this question. There are other favorites I have, like Bone and Hellboy, but they don't come close to Preacher.
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Y: The last Man
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1.) Preacher
2.) Y:The Last Man
3.) X-factor (the new run)
4.) Fear Agent
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Ha yes, comics that have really surprised me are Watchmen and Preacher, hopefully they'll come off nice on the white.
I've been hearing some good stuff about Y: The Last Man, must dig into it.
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Walking Dead
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1) Powers
2) Walking Dead
3) Y the Last Man
4) Preacher
5) Astonishing X-men(Whedon's version)
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First would have to be Batman. I starting buying them shortly after the "No Man's Land" storyline started and then began working my way backwards. I currently have a solid run going back to issue 150 (Sep. 1962).

Next up would have to be the original Justice League of America series. My run of that starts at issue 23 and goes to the last issue and I have 5 issues prior to that (the oldest being issue 7) making me about 17 issues shy of having the complete run.

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