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Christine- Vastly Underrated.

I recently been rereading a lot of early King. I suddenly realized I had never read Christine and decided to pick that up. I had always heard that it was one of his lesser works so I didn't expect much. Wow was I surprised. I'm not sure where people get the idea that this is one of his lesser works, but I think it's one of his best. What sells this book though is the charatcers. Yes there's some great scenes with Christine and she gets somne great kills. Also, the vengeful ghost of LeBay was pretty creepy. But what made the book though was the three central characters of Leigh, Arnie and Dennis. You really feel bad for them and the central tragedy of the book of Arnie's and Dennis's fallen friendship really gets to you. I also loved the last few lines of the book.

Anybody love this book. Personally I thought Cujo was underrated as well.
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loved the book, after i started it i couldn't put it down, got really sucked into the story and characters. one of the best books i've read
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i loved Christine and I even dug the movie too.
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I enjoyed the movie. Considering that the book is a dense 520 pages I thought the movie is a enjoyable paired down version. An underrated Carpenter film.
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