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Men. Men in kilts

Because as our dear schmoe Tagia says: "REAL men wear skirts!"

And so here are some of our favorite men donning the "easy access" garb.

Ladies, feel free to add to the scrapbook.

First off, our man Gerry:

Oooh! A two-fer!

Next, our favorite Scot, whose never afraid to flash the ole "meat and potatoes: Ewan McGregor:

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And a few other choice cuts who are man enough to strap on some easy, breezy tartan:

Beware the bounty that is Patricia Arquette's breasts!

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Thank heavens for the kilt/skirt/sarong. Whatever, it's all good!

Bloom ain't my style, but he has lovely legs.

Brad ain't really my style either, but if you're one of the people that do, this is for you.
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