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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, may seem still NEW in the acting biz but he did impress me when I saw him for the first time in Murder By Numbers. The role he played was like you're not sure to believe what he says or save yourself and make a run for it. He was also in Remember The Titans which I don't recall but I think I have an idea who he played. The movie he did, The Believer looks like ONE heavy disturbing flick I look so foward in seeing. Now he has The United States of Leland as his latest. He looks sooo grown since I last seen him..
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Probably the best young actor going right now and his performance in The Believer proves it. I perfered Gosling in The Beliver to Norton in American History X, he's just that good... the guy is gonna go places and deliever many more EXCELLENT performances.

Perhaps the Gary Oldman of his generation...?
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all i gotta say is BREAKER HIGH
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I do like him. He was quite nasty in "The Believer" and he had the unsettling pretty boy down pat in the otherwise 'meh' "Murder By Numbers". I see a big future for this fella.
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His character in Murder by Numbers reminds me of a good friend of mine. To have that ultra-suave, vaguely sadistic aura it takes a lot of subtlety as an actor, and Gosling pulled it off wonderfully. Not to mention his unsettling and over-fucking-whelming performance in the otherwise mediocre Believer. I don't prefer him to Edward Norton in the field of Neo-Nazi, but, I can't quite choose who had the harder role.
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Originally posted by notchreturns
Probably the best young actor going right now...
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Originally posted by daddiefatsacks
all i gotta say is BREAKER HIGH

Don't forget Young Hercules!'
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Loved Gosling's work in The Believer a brilliant performance, I just wish he could pick roles where you have to strecth that boundary with acting into the real world like Edward Norton, Sean Penn, etc etc do to make it perfect.
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Good performances in The Believer, and Murder By Numbers. He's also hot!
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God, I loved (and I mean loved) him in Breaker High, possibly the stupidest show back in the day. But seeing him around in the crappy Murder By Numbers, Young Hercules (yeah, I watched that too), The Believer, The Slaughter Rule and recently the preview for The United States Of Leland (which I'll see when it comes out), I gotta say DAMN! He's hot and talented, the perfect combination. Yay from me. And I'm looking forward to Stay.
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I think the future looks very bright for Ryan Gosling. He has star written all over him if he chooses the right projects. Yay.
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Really like him. He's great in 'Murder by Numbers'.
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Sexy, talented, articulate - what more could one want in a young actor! Love him! He's got that whole Christian Bale look going for him - and it works! Yummy!
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Yay - He's a good actor and shuns the party lifestyle most of the youngsters do.
Nay - He's dating my "sweetheart" and I'm not. For the yay reasons, he has my blessing though and it's nice to see someone around my age with Rachel.
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Fucking great actor. Half Nelson was great.
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He's hot and a brilliant actor. One to watch, definitely.
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This guy is the best up and coming actor in the business right now. He has such raw talent right now I can only imagine what masterpieces he will be apart of in the future.
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lookout christan bale because dam ryan gosling is amazing he might be my favourite actor at the moment.i love him in fracture ,he`s amazing couldn`t take my eyes of him.i like actors that take risks with their careers and do what they want to do.

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Big Freakin YAY for Ryan Gosling, I enjoyed Half Nelson and he was the best part of Murder By Numbers.
also very very cute!
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Fracture schmoes.............FRACTURE

Odd pairing with Anthony Hopkins but I enjoyed this underated film he did.
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Originally Posted by BorderEevilIII View Post
Fracture schmoes.............FRACTURE

Odd pairing with Anthony Hopkins but I enjoyed this underated film he did.

thank you.

its a bloody great movie
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