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Driver San Francisco


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Warhammer 40K:Kill Team

Not to be confused with Warhammer 40k: Space Marine which is still to come. Kill Team is the same as Dead Nation in terms of game type. Kill Team looks to be better then Dead Nation though as you actually get to choose different types of guys to use who have their own weapons and special attacks.

The demo had 2 of hte 4 types availible, one more a shooter the other more a melee. Was fun enough i'll be springing for the $10 fee ($5 less then Dead Nation but i got it free as part of the Network outage anyway) this weekend and me and the gf had enough fun playing DN.

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Limbo - 7/10
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^ that's the best demo i did ever play, well it's the opening level so...
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Originally Posted by Cosimo View Post
^ that's the best demo i did ever play, well it's the opening level so...
Yeah. It's a good platformer. I remember your topic on it. I don't know if I'll purchase the entire game though.
$23.95 is a bit steep. If it drops to $14.95. Then yeah. It's creepy as. And I love the B&W tones.

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Madden 2012

Easier for someone who has never really played Madden before. Doesn't look all that

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Catherine - 9/10
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Catherine - 7/10
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Driver - 3/10
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Bodycount. Blowing shit up was good fun. Firing felt real though stiff. The blue and red orb pick ups were unnecessary. This game should have come out in July, it will get crushed by the other FPS ie Resistance 3 and Rage 7/10
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Bodycount - 5.5/10
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NHL 12

8/10 - Was surprised how much they let you do this time around. If i recall the NHL11 demo was ust the third period of game 7 of a stanley cup final. In this you get to do a bit of UHL, Be a Pro and Play Now. Can't wait for this game to come out.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike

4/10 - Wasn't waht i was expecting. Played a 'Street Fighter 3' in an arcade in Florida years a go that was amazing, thought this might be it but its not.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

7/10 - Was pretty good though i'm more interested in finding out about the online multi player before i would buy this game.
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Bodycount - 5/10
Galaga GX - 6.5/10
Driver - 3/10
SF3-3rd strike - 6.5/10

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer 9/10 Gonna get me some!
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Armored Core 5 - 7
Yakuza Dead Souls - 8
Final Fantasy 13 2 - 7
Asura Wrath - 6
King Of Fighters 13 - 7
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