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I recently bought the one-volume edition of Jeff Smith's Bone, which I've been wanting to read forever, and I loved every second of it. Read it all in two days, I just couldn't stop. Not only is Smith's art godlike (those lines are incredible), but the development of the story and the characters is top-notch, and the balance of comedy and drama/mystery is done so seamlessly that it lets the larger, more straight adventure/quest-epic/fantasy story arc, the bulk and real focus of the story, develop in the midst of this perfect balance.And the whole time the story is essentially character-driven. Within the world Smith creates, all these characters act and react in appropriate ways, and the story will often turn on the craziest, goofiest plot devices, and it always makes sense and works so well. And all that leads to so much of the fun and adventure that makes up the bulk of the book. And then it all comes together in such an absolutely wonderful climax. A true comics masterpiece.

SOO...after that long jumble of sleepless banter (its 4:00AM where I am) 2 things---

1) OPINIONS--What do you schmoes think of this comic? Love it, Hate it, indifferent? What are your favorite Characters?
My favorites---
1. The Great Red Dragon (goddamn I just want to hang out with this guy and get wasted, he seems so cool)
2. Grandma Ben
3. Fone Bone
4. Smiley Bone
5. Lucius
6. Thorne
And Anything else you have to say on the subject...

2) Could somebody possibly suggest some other comics of a similar style to this one. If you've read the comic, I'll trust your judgment in identifying that specific style and suggesting something in a similar vein.
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Ive always been hesitant because of its nature of being a kids book(or its nature that I have been led too). I tend to prefer more mature stories whn it comes to my reading. Should I give this a try or just look on and wonder forever?
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I definitely wouldn't call it a kids book. It's often quite goofy/funny/jovial, but like I said the bulk of the book is devoted to its epic fantasy plot line, and at times it gets quite grim/serious. I guess the best way I can think of to describe it is like Calvin and Hobbes meets The Lord Of The Rings. Not to mention that Jeff Smith knows what he's doing; he's a genuinely great storyteller. The pace and development of the story is incredibly well done, the plot itself is surprisingly intricate, and the characters are all fairly multifaceted and interesting.

So I'd say give it a try (meaning check it out if you find it in a bookstore or something, I wouldn't recommend spending $40 on something you don't even know you'll like). I was kind of unsure about it before reading it, because I'd heard it's this big epic, but the artwork doesn't immediately convey that idea. But it turned out to be totally worth it.

Plus Time Magazine named it one of the 10 best graphic novels of all time, if that's worth anything.
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Love it.
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