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The Doom Comic

Surfing around on the web, bored at work, I find one of the greatest examples of modern illustrated literature in the Doom comic book, a standalone story handed out at a video game convention years ago.

Now, I'm a Doom fan, but this is just atrocious. It's basically 16 pages of a space marine running around, blowing apart everything he comes across and talking to himself in the most ridiculous dialogue ever... I'm talking one-liners so awful even Schwarzenegger would think twice.

I was wondering if anyone has ever read this piece of crap, any opinions? Thankfully it's been scanned all over the web cause I can't see anyone actually paying for this. And to think would actually make a decent comic if done correctly.
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Old 10-11-2007, 01:38 PM
Post it up so we can see it.
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Old 10-11-2007, 02:54 PM
I don't have it with me, but here's the link:


Let mw know what you think.
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Old 10-11-2007, 10:12 PM
I got to about halfway through the first speech balloon in the first panel on the 2nd page before i wanted to poke my eyes out
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Old 10-12-2007, 09:30 AM
So you didn't get as far as the random environmental awareness message.

It's that bad.
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Old 10-12-2007, 02:18 PM
Oh man that was bad. That was real bad. I dont even know if words can describe how truly bad that was.
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Old 10-12-2007, 04:46 PM
The art was okay.

Ripping off Evil Dead 2-- not so much...
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Old 10-15-2007, 06:44 PM

and I'm spent.
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Old 11-12-2007, 02:31 PM
Jesus...I love comics, but I couldn't get past page 6 on that one. Who the hell wrote that; a 5 year old????

"Might makes light! And I'm feeling mighty!"

Give me a fuckin' break.
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Old 11-12-2007, 03:18 PM
Dude, that is soooo fuckin' funny!

I think I'm gonna read the whole thing!

.... A couple pages at a time. I can only take so much awesomeness at once.
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