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From Hell

Has anyone picked up this BIG graphic novel by Alan Moore?? Everytime i go to the bookstore i always pick it up but never leave with it? I gotta get some info on it. Is it like the movie or better or whats the deal???
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its pretty different to the movie,alot different not to go into spoilers.

goes in to alot of details in all the murders 'jack the ripper' did.

like all alan moore comics its very very wordy.

this is what the art looks like.

i wouldn`t buy it unless you worship alan moore.its ok its just very long winded
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Old 11-06-2007, 11:18 AM
yeah i picked up an issue in a cheap bin at a comic shop a while back, couldn't get into it at all though as the art just isn't my thing. And if its not the same as the movie i am both more and less interested in reading it :P
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