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Idris Elba

Having gotten almost to the end now of The Wire's third season, seen American Gangster last month, and dug his small but authoritative role in 28 Weeks Later (one of my favorite horror films of the last couple years on top of that), it's safe to say I'm now a big fan of the infamous "Stringer Bell" himself, Idris Elba. The man has a palpable, badass screen presence, an intuitiveness to squeezing out nuance in even the smallest performance, and his work on The Wire is worth his spot in this forum alone.

If you aren't familiar with the man, I recommend getting acquainted with his work, especially The Wire. We have a star in the making, people, mark my words.

YAY all the way.
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I've only seen him in a few indie features *and the obvious mainstream '28 Weeks Later...', and while I haven't seen 'The Wire' in it's entirety right now, I'm not disputing this guy's ability. He's got a pair of really deep eyes that just convey so many things all at once.
Add to the fact that he looks and sounds formidable, but he doesn't come off as the 1D tough guy like other actors tend to do.
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Two thumbs up for Stringer Bell!
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"Hey yo, String!!"

What a wonderful, complex man Stringer Bell is. Cold blooded enough to prosper in the world he had access to, yet far sighted enough to make an attempt to reach for more.

Of the many wonderful character arcs of this magnificent show, his is among the very best.
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He was the only thing that made "This Christmas" bearable. Yay.
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