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Ahhh Torso! Sergio Martinos giallo from the early 70s. Whose seen it?

I finally got a chance to watch it and whoaaa blown away. The last 20 minutes had some of those High Tension moments which were great. Unlike most of the lesser known giallos and unlike most movies coming out today, the end of this one had me on the edge of my seat.

And my god there was so much sex in this movie!

8/10, im watching Case of the Scorpion Tale next
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The first kill was pretty great, then it gets boring...
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I enjoyed it alotmore than the other giallo films I've seen. Theres enough boobs and blood to keep it moving. It has some creepy atmosphere parts here and there.
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Highly recommended . I never even heard of Martino until somewhat recently , and Torso was my first exposure to his work , i was very impressed , and wondered why the heck i never knew who this guy was .

Some people may say he's a lesser version of Argento , but i'll say he's on a par with him in the Giallo genre . If i didn't know better , i would have said Torso was directed by Argento .

The cinematography , lighting , the pacing , the murders , the framing , it's all reminiscent of some of Argento's best work .

It is a bit dated , but every giallo from the 70s is , there's nothing you can do about the fashion sense of the time , it doesn't matter , this is a great film , it's full of eye candy , a strong female heroine , and some brilliant murder set pieces .

I wouldn't put it up there with Deep Red ( to me the best one of it's kind along with Blood and Black Lace ) , but it's no doubt just as good as Tenebrae , Don't torture a Duckling , Bird with a Crystal Plummage , and some of the other great giallos from the 70s and 80s .

This one gets my full seal of approval , if you like these types of films , you can't go wrong with Torso .

Now i have to check out some of Martino's other films , if it's as good as or better than this , i'll be more than happy .
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I never knew we agreed so much on giallos haha. Deep Red and Blood and Black Lace really cant be surpassed, the writing alone makes them better then most others. I think I might like tenebre more then this one though.

But yea cinematography is definitley the high point of this movie, he really took advantage of filming in Italy. It makes me wish Deep Red wasnt on a sound stage, he really brings italy to life and its freaking beautiful. Its actually really distracting to, i often found myself not paying attention to the plot and just watching the camera navigate through narrow alleys and old plazas.
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I'm not really saying that Torso is better than Tenebrae overall , but in some instances , it looks better , especially the sequence in the forest .

I agree , Martino utilized the Italian countryside and metropolitan areas to great effect , it's beautiful to look at .
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I just recently watched it and I liked it. Far from my favorite Giallo, though.

The cast is good, the directing just right and the suspense nail biting. The kills are decent and good god, TITS GALORE!

The final half hour was edge of your seat stuff, dug it. But the very ending was weak. Disappointing.

I liked it though. But I prefer Don't Torture a Duckling, my favorite giallo.

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Ahh I've quested for Dont Torture a Duckling for quite awhile, Ima have to order it online I guess. I'm very unfamiliar with Fulcis giallos, I only have those core 4 he did, minus Beyond.
I did see most of Lizard in Womens skin but couldnt finish it, those old school giallos can be hard for me to get into.
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This is one i've been itching to check out recently...sounds like i'll definitely have to give it a try indeed. The atmosphere looks great, and the trailer is such a fantastic product of the times.
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If you didn't like Deep Red, just don't even bother with this. It's extremely boring, the only good parts are the hot, and I do mean exquisite, women.
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Originally Posted by Evil Ed View Post
If you didn't like Deep Red, just don't even bother with this. It's extremely boring, the only good parts are the hot, and I do mean exquisite, women.
i'm late to this reply, but yeah - picked this up back in october right around halloween time and it didn't live up to my expectations. some solid parts, kept you guessing too in a good way, and the main actress was great - but disappointing for sure much like Deep Red.

better off constantly watching the awesome retro trailer.
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