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Old 02-16-2011, 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by KingofKings2525 View Post
Man... why does it feel so good being right all of the time?
Originally Posted by KingofKings2525 View Post
So... who does Brock fight after he destroys Cain? Carwin rematch?
Originally Posted by KingofKings2525 View Post
He has dominated since that night.
He is going to wipe the floor with Cain.
Originally Posted by KingofKings2525 View Post
I'll come back after Bader whoops up on Bones Jones.
Sorry, guy, but you did make that kind of easy. I was tempted to rub that shit in after Cain / Brock, but figured it ain't cool to kick a fan when he's down. Next time I'll know better.
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Old 02-17-2011, 07:59 PM
Might as well search the entire sports section for more of his "truths", he's been told off many times before.. I admit though, he can make me laugh sometimes, it's still a bit sad to see him suffer such grandiosity.
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Old 02-20-2011, 06:00 AM
Anyone watch the Challengers show on last night? If not, you missed a good one, some excellent ground work showcased all night. Also, I don't think I've ever seen more than 1 guy get choked unconscious in an event ever... last night, there were 3!

Fighters must have been a bunch of Kimbo fans. "Tapping is for bitches."
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Old 02-28-2011, 09:23 PM
I can't believe no one's talking about Saturday's fights here. I thought it was a pretty decent card, and even though it wasn't top-heavy with names the fights ended up great. Sotiropolous getting upset was borderline shocking, 'cuz that's the fight I was most certain about going into this. Lytle's loss was surprising too, but less so because we'd never really seen the guy he was fighting before. Bisping was a pecker after the fight but looked good against Rivera. As for the main event, I thought BJ Penn won it. He definitely had the first round, and I thought he just had the second as well. Fitch took the third easily, but was it a 10-8? I don't know. Fitch controlled Penn and dictated that round, but it ain't like Penn was on the verge of being finished any time. The draw isn't horribly upsetting, though, as I can see how folks might have scored that a 10-8. A rematch is called for, I think. People are saying Bisping will be fighting Vitor next, and I can't fuckin wait to see that. Vitor's gonna cave Bisping's face in, and it's gonna be awesome.
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Old 03-01-2011, 05:25 AM
yeah, I was busy this weekend. I only got to catch the main fights afterward. Finally caught up on them earlier today. I thought they were decent. Nothing spectacular. The Penn/Fitch fight said a lot about both fighters. I can see why it was a draw. BJ did a little more in the first 2 rounds but he never had a round like Fitch did in the 3rd. I would have given the split decision to Penn. Personally, I don't think either of them were very impressive. Penn couldn't even get a body lock on Fitch to get that rear naked choke. I don't think staying at this weight class is going to do him any favors. I can't see him winning the belt. And Fitch really didn't hurt Penn as bad as he should have. He had him mounted perfectly. A better fighter would have TKO'ed Penn in that position.

I actually wasn't surprised with George Sotiropoulos. He has done incredibly well against wrestlers, but my friends and I knew Siver's kickboxing background was going to be a challenge for him. He's the faster and stronger fight. It went like what we expected. I'm glad too because George has to switch up his training if he wants to go against people like Maynard and Edgar.

The Bisping fight was good, but he really took away the glory from his victory. That was a fucked up knee, and it looked like he knew what he was doing. It was stupid because he was already winning the fight. I'm with you on Belfort... that guy could still knock anybody out in that division whose name isn't Anderson Silva.
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Old 03-03-2011, 10:22 PM
Wow, Diego/Kampmann was a war. I thought Kampmann had it in the first, but Diego persevered even though his face was horrific when being interviewed. He was busted up everywhere. Kampmann won the first and Diego won the third and I thought Diego stole the second by pushing the pace. Amazing fight!
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Old 03-07-2011, 12:50 AM
I had the fight in favor of Kampmann. Diego pushed more but Kampmann scored the better shots. He had the first two rounds on technique for me. He's a better counter puncher than Diego is a striker. Diego did manage to take the 3rd, but even by the end, I could tell which of the two fighters was going to need a longer time to recover. I feel bad for Kampmann, he lost two very close fights. And I would have given both fights to him... I think he's a solid fighter. Can't wait to see his next fight. Diego still looks absolutely ridiculous with that dumbass stare... I can't see it intimidating anybody in the octagon.

Now who saw Dan Henderson deliver that glorious punch to Cavalcante? That was fantastic. It was nice to see that he still has it. He's looking very good as a Light Heavyweight.
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Old 03-07-2011, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by CosmicPuppet View Post
I had the fight in favor of Kampmann. Diego pushed more but Kampmann scored the better shots. He had the first two rounds on technique for me. He's a better counter puncher than Diego is a striker. Diego did manage to take the 3rd, but even by the end, I could tell which of the two fighters was going to need a longer time to recover. I feel bad for Kampmann, he lost two very close fights. And I would have given both fights to him... I think he's a solid fighter. Can't wait to see his next fight. Diego still looks absolutely ridiculous with that dumbass stare... I can't see it intimidating anybody in the octagon.

Now who saw Dan Henderson deliver that glorious punch to Cavalcante? That was fantastic. It was nice to see that he still has it. He's looking very good as a Light Heavyweight.
I agree with you with that "Please be scared of me, with this scowl I'm throwin' at you' type of deal, it's beyond pathetic, how Sanchez has the gonads to still throw that out there, after the horrific and utterly beautiful total domination beating that B.J. done up Sanchez with, you'd think he would of retired that very old 'staredown mug' already, it's laughable!

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Old 03-07-2011, 02:13 PM
I jumped up when Hendo hit the Big Right Hand (Fuck You Mauro and your attempt at constantly calling it the H-Bomb. It's MMA, not pro wrestling you douche) and got the KO.

The show was pretty solid and Coenen/Carmouche was way better than I expected. Manhoef continues to depress me. He's striking looked amazing as always and his wrestling looked good, then it got to the ground and it was done.

Like most Strikeforce shows, the commentary really brought it down. I don't understand why Showtime/Strikeforce keeps Mauro around as it seems that MMA fans hate his announcing. He was fine with Bas in Pride where he toned it down, but man the constant yelling, unfunny jokes/puns, calling MMA like it is the WWE, and talking over everyone is cancer to the ears. Shamrock isn't much better. I do like Pat Miletich and I always laugh when he seems irritated at one of Mauro's stupid statements. Just have Pat and Quadros be the announce team. Not the most exciting, but anything's better than Mauro.

Diego's meanface always cracks me up, I'm waiting for someone to laugh during the staredown.

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Old 03-07-2011, 03:59 PM
Damnit i bet on Feijao, oh well. I dont think Hendo will have the belt for long, especially if Mousasi gets the next title shot.
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Old 03-12-2011, 12:54 PM
Holy Shit!!

Zuffa has bought Strikeforce


This is nuts.
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Old 03-12-2011, 01:42 PM
Yeah, they talk about how they'll operate independently but this can only be a good thing for those of us hoping for those 'dream' fights.

Now maybe Dana will stop being a douche when it comes to some of the great fighters, in Strikeforce, that he couldn't sign.

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Old 03-12-2011, 03:56 PM
This is fantastic news! I can't wait to see what this brings about with the sport. Dana did say he's keeping Strikeforce around, so we'll see... but this does open the doors to letting fighters switch over from UFC to Strikeforce, which is an exciting concept. I'd love to see somebody like Nick Diaz fight in the Octogon again.

Also, I know Dana said everything would be business as usual, but in a year's time, I expect him go back on his word. He's a businessman, and he knows a good thing when he sees it. For him to say the super match-ups will never happen is just smoke at this point. Remember how much shit he'd talk about non-UFC fighters? Well, now I bet we'll never hear him say that again. Give it some time, and I bet we'll be seeing some great matches in a year. He's just going to let the Strikeforce fighters run through their contract and then we'll get a surprise crossover fight of some kind.

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Old 03-18-2011, 05:01 AM
Fucking Ay! This weekend's fight is one for the books. Jon Jones vs. Shogun Rua. I don't know who I want to win more. I'm a fan of both fighters. They are both great, but I think I'd like it more if Shogun won just because he only got the belt last year, and he's the underdog even though he's the champion. Even if Jones loses, he'll lose to the best. There's no doubt in my mind that he will be a champion. I'm not naive though, I know Jones could win this fight. And it would be awesome if he does win because he deserves it. Needless to say, it'll be suspenseful and keep me on the edge of my seat to the very last minute.
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Old 03-18-2011, 10:21 AM
I'm pulling for Shogun. Reading stuff like Jon Jones signing autographs as UFC champion Jon Jones makes me think Jones might be in a bit over his head. He really has nothing to lose here though. A loss would just be like GSP/Hughes 1 where he can learn from any mistakes he made and get even better.

This show (and the next several UFC shows) all look incredible. I hope Cro Cop wins, but I just can't see it happening after the weak performance in the Mir fight.
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Old 03-21-2011, 04:42 AM
I think now it's time we Jon Jones drops the Bones nick name. His new name should be Jon "Martian Manhunter" Jones. The guy made Shogun look like a puny mortal. It was insane. Who the hell is going to pose a threat to him? I could see maybe either Machida or Rampage being an interesting match up with Jones. But Jones will run through Rashad Evans without hesitation.

It's also incredibly sad to see that Mirko Cro Cop is finished. He just can't take a punch anymore like Andrei Arlovski. It's even worse because I hate Brendan Schaub. I hate his style of fighting. Fuck him for being the guy who ended Cro Cop's career in the UFC.
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Old 03-22-2011, 02:07 PM
Jon Jones looks unstoppable. I can't see Rashad being able to come up with a solution to his reach, speed, and constant pace despite being sparring partners. I thought Shogun could do it, but he looked slow and rusty. Not taking anything away from Bones performance though. I've never seen a top fighter get destroyed like that. According to Fight Metric.com Shogun only landed 11 strikes the entire fight. I don't know who will be the one that can stop Bones and I can't wait until the eventual Jones vs Phil Davis fight if Davis beats Lil' Nog and continues to improve.

When Cro Cop came out to Ecstasy Of Gold instead of Wild Boys, I was thinking shit was about to go down. Mirko was looking decent until he got violently KO'ed. Dana says this is the end of Cro Cop in the UFC and I hope Mirko retires instead of tarnishing his legacy any further. I was hoping he won this and they did Nog/Cro Cop 2 in Brazil, but that ain't happening now.

Miller/Shalorus was a fun fight. I hope Miller gets his title shot by the end of the year.
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Old 03-22-2011, 04:03 PM
This is going to sound crazy, but I think the only fighter who poses an interesting match up for Jones at the moment is Lyoto Machida. Sure, he has lost twice in a row, but I think he's a smart enough fighter to change his strategy and make adjustments to his training. Machida is also one of the quickest strikers in his weight class. He has great takedown defense and is also great at takedown reversals.

Rashad definitely won't beat Jones. We've already seen what Jones can do to wrestlers.He clearly is the best wrestler in his weight class. It's going to take somebody with a different style to beat Jones. I think his weakness might be his legs. Shogun wasn't fast enough to attack them, but I can see Machida being fast enough for it. He has a way of getting in and out very quickly that I think he has a shot.

But he has to take out Couture first and another opponent before he can fight Jones. Most likely Quinton Jackson will fight Jones after Rashad.

I also thought Mirko was looking pretty good during the fight. He hasn't really lost his skills as a fighter, just like Chuck Liddell or Andrei Arlovski. They just can't take a punch anymore. It's a shame. They should just have Mirko fight Arlovski now in Strikeforce in a retirement match. That's a pretty even fight if you ask me. Either man could get knocked out.
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Old 04-09-2011, 10:41 PM
Strikeforce was awesome tonight.

Diaz/Daley has to be one of the best single round fights I've ever seen. Just some crazy action and near finishes packed in under five minutes until Diaz finished it.

Bullshit draw aside, Jardine/Mousasi was great as well. Jardine is a tough motherfucker. The omninous feeling of Jardine getting violently K'Oed again made the fight very suspenseful for me. Jardine took some vicious blows and was gassed, yet Gegard couldn't finish him.

Melendez/Kawajiri was a fun beatdown. Gilbert looked like a beast and those elbows were frightening.

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Old 04-10-2011, 03:32 PM
That has to be the most impressive performance of Nick Diaz's career, he's the only person to ever stay standing with Paul Daley and out strike him and beat him by TKO. I was so pumped win he finished him, Nick Diaz is awesome.
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Old 04-11-2011, 01:46 PM
Stockton's Finest did it again. I knew that he could take Daley's left hook. The guy's got an unbelievably strong chin. The only way you can beat Diaz in a 5 round fight is by knocking him out cold. You can't get a TKO on him. His defense on the ground is too good.

This could easily be one of the top 5 fights of the year. Diaz did in one round what Koscheck couldn't do in 3 rounds. I think it's time the rankings put Diaz over Koscheck already. They don't give him enough credit.
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Old 04-11-2011, 05:14 PM
Very true, Koscheck was terrified to stay standing with Daley
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Old 05-01-2011, 05:48 AM
Great fucking card tonight. I know I've been midly disappointed with most of the cards the UFC has put on in the last year, but tonight was special.

I will say this right off the bat. I think Pablo Garza is a fucking pussy. Seriously. He looks like the kind of guy who should be fighting at his proper weight class, not cutting down dramatically just so he can feel like the big guy on campus. He needs to man the fuck up and fight people his own size. It would look just as ridiculous if Jon Jones fought as a Middleweight.

Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick stole the show away from the main event. I can't remember a 5 Round slug fest like that in the UFC in some time. Both fighters gave it their fucking all and laid everything on the line. Hominick may not have won, but he sure did put a chink in Aldo's armor. Still, I would hate to be Hominick tomorrow morning. He left looking like the Elephant Man.

Who else was incredibly happy with that quick TKO by Matyushenko? It was pretty awesome, but not as awesome as Machida's kick. Fucking hell. I guess Anderson Silva wasn't the only one who could do that. I have a feeling that if Rashad loses in August, they might have Machida fight Jones in Rio. It's just a hunch, but at this point, I think it'd be a more interesting fight than seeing Jones manhandle Rashad since we all know that's what will happen.

To get to my critiques, I think Ben Henderson is still overrated. He's all muscle, and it's gotten him this far, but I just think he's going to find that he's in dire need of better training. I just wasn't very impressed with his performance despite being in a room where people were saying he was the next BIG THING. I don't see it yet. He needs better discipline if he wants to be a champion.

GSP won as expected, but I'm shocked that Shields did better than I thought he would, especially considering his stand-up is his Achilles' heel. Despite this, he still managed to hurt GSP and take the last two rounds. Color me shocked. If anything, I think this fight exposed more flaws in GSP than it did with Shields. We all knew Shields' stand-up wasn't very good. What we didn't know was that even an extremely mediocre striker could still do enough damage to GSP.

After seeing that fight, I can say with confidence that Nick Diaz could beat GSP in a stand-up fight. Diaz is the only fighter who could stand with GSP and probably throw more punches. Nick's takedown defense might be weak, but his Jui-Jitsu is on the same level as Shields' so I don't expect GSP to want to stay on the ground with him either.

If Dana White was smart, he'd get Nick to forget about the boxing match and fight GSP. It needs to happen. Does anybody really think Jon Fitch or Thiago Alves is more deserving? I sure as hell don't. The outcome for both those fights would be exactly the same.

Overall, it was a pretty good card. I hope to see more of the same caliber.

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Old 05-01-2011, 04:41 PM
One thing that is bothering me about the post-fight interviews is how GSP's camp is saying he only underperformed because of his eye. I feel like they're subconsciously trying to discredit Shields' performance by saying it was all in the eye, but they never acknowledge that Shields is the reason he even had the injury. Give credit where credit's due.
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Old 05-03-2011, 01:39 AM
Had this show ended with Aldo/Hominick, it might have been the UFC show ever. One great fight in Aldo/Hominick, a very good fight in Bendo/Bocek, and almost every fight either had a great finish or a great moment. You have:

Jabouin owning Garza with leg kicks until Garza ends the fight with a flying triangle choke

A great spinning backfist finish in Watson/Makdessi

Jason MacDonald, who I've always liked, surviving an submission attempt and getting a quick submission.

Menvijar finishing his fight with a vicious elbow

Daniel Roberts/Claude Patrick wasn't that good of a fight, but I still was pegging Roberts to win and was suprised at the outcome

Ellenberger continuing to look like a future star with a great KO

Rory McDonald busting out three ridiculous german suplexes and owning Nate Diaz was wonderful.

Bendo looked great in that fight and his post fight speech was weird yet entertaining. I wonder what Atheist/Agnostic (I can't remember which) Joe Rogan was thinking during it.

Vladdy getting a quick KO and getting a chance to look like a killer. He'll never be a contender again, but he's another guy that I just like. I have no clue who they give him in his next fight. Maybe Krystof Sozynski or Bonnar.

I was hoping for Randy to pull out the upset but atleast he was apart of a fight with a memorable finish in the highlight reel Crane Kick knockout from Machida. That KO was nuts.

Aldo/Hominick was an exciting fight that turned into an epic fight once Mark was turned into The Elephant Man. I can't believe the ref let him continue, but he brought the fight in round 5. I was initially rooting for Aldo, but man once Hominick was bringing the ground and pound in the last round, I was kind of hoping he'd do the impossible. That guy has tons of heart.

That leaves me to the main event. I didn't think GSP/Shields was worst fight of the year or anything, but compared to everything else, it was the worst fight of the night. I was enjoying the first couple of rounds, but towards round three when I got the drift that GSP was not going to finish the fight was when it became frustrating. That might have been the worst GSP has ever looked. He seemed to gas towards round three and his standup of jab/overhand right/spinning back kick seemed to be delivered slowly. The added muscle mass he added for the potential Andersob fight hurt him.

Shields standup looked ugly yet he still managed to bust up GSP's face. I was figuring that GSP would completely own Shields on the feet, but he never tried to push the pace or swarm him to end the fight. He seemed content to just point his way to a decision victory. That has been the biggest knock on GSP since he won the title a second time , but this might be the first time I agree with that assessment (Maybe the Alves fight yet GSP did pull his groin. Fitch could've and should've been TKO'ed several times during their fight yet he kept going. He had Dan Hardy in a couple of submissions that would've made a lot of guys quit, yet Hardy kept on going. The Koscheck fight should've been stopped based on that eye but wasn't and GSP kept on dominating. It was obvious from the start the Shields striking was crap and he could get GSP to the ground yet GSP really didn't take any risks to finish him off.

That's what I love about the potential Nick Diaz/GSP superfight. Diaz has horrible wrestling and that could lead to another GSP fight that goes five rounds without a finish, but he always pushes the pace, will constantly be on the attack with the amount of punches he throws and his jujitsu is a big threat. On the basis of UFC 129, I would much rather see GSP/Nick Diaz than GSP/Silva. Based on how blah his striking looked and how he seemed to lack the speed, bulked up GSP wouldn't have much for Anderson.

Despite the meh Main event, this was still one of the best UFC's in recent memory and deserves a place among the greatest UFC shows ever.

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Old 05-03-2011, 02:55 AM
Yeah, at least with a Diaz/GSP fight, there would be a challenge posed to both fighters. It could go either way, but I'd go with Diaz simply because he has finished 9 of his last 10 fights. That's what makes a fighter one of the greats. To me, the fighter should be trying to END the fight, not win on points. And that's where the backlash comes from in regards to GSP. He needs to have the fire put under him like Anderson. If he really thinks his stand-up is so great, let's see him go toe to toe with Nick. Of course, I predict him to want to win safely and get another decision via takedowns followed by lay n pray with a few swings that don't do much damage to Diaz.

Anderson Silva would walk right through GSP. No doubt about it. I don't even care to see that fight happen.

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Old 05-05-2011, 04:21 PM
Georgie My Man!

So Shields did not almost take out George St. Pierre's eyeball with a blatant finger poke, slow it up some, look at the tape, once, twice, a hundred times over, shields threw an open handed shot towards Pierre's face, hands completely straight ahead, no curling of the fingers at all, no tightening of his fist, just a straight ahead, full on eye poke, that definitely found its mark, shields tried that more than once on George, especially when St. Pierre shot on shields for his many a takedown. St. Pierre can't stand wth a heavy striker?! I thought that was answered at the hardy fight! After that eye gouge, yeah Pierre was hesitant, he couldn't see at all! Jokers make a light take on that eye poke, like he just shoulda shook it off real quick, and went to business. George St. Pierre has absolutely ZERO to prove, Shields came in with that win streak, Pierre is Champion, even on an off day for him, he simply outclasses the other guy. When Pierre is set up against a wall, that's where he really comes out hard, the rematch against Serra, total domination, the Hardy fight, that's all I heard, Pierre can't stand with a real, true striker like Hardy, again, total domination, then there's shields, Strikeforces top hitter, hasn't lost since 04', even with one eye, which came from a blatant eye gouge, and Pierre saying that he couldn't see out of it, he still outclasses shields, big-time! 0 for 6 in attempted takedowns, if they did it again, Pierre would make sure that shields suffered. I would simply love to see George finally shut up Diaz, and when it happens, and we all know it will within 6-8 months from now, when Pierre wins decisively, I'm sure his critics will still talk silly nonsense, perfection breeds jealousy!
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Old 05-05-2011, 05:37 PM
Even if the eye poke hadn't happened, it still would have been a decision win. There is no doubt about that. I acknowledge now after watching the fight again, that the poke did happen. Do I think Shields did it on purpose? I doubt it. I've never seen Shields ever resort to intentionally cheating before, but if we're gonna play this game of who's a cheater, let's not conveniently forget GSP's greased back when he fought BJ. There was no gray area with that one.

The problem I have with the fight, is that I knew Georges was gonna jab the guy all night. Everybody and their mother knows that Shields' stand-up is crap. That isn't a fight, that's a sparring match. It's not impressive. That's what makes him a lesser champion to me. I never had any doubts that Shields would lose. I've even rooted against him countless times just because I never was fond of his style.

This is why I give Diaz more credit for actually fighting against a challenger's strength. If GSP would have fought Paul Daley, he would have taken him down, dominated and then won a boring 5 round decision. What did Diaz do? Fought Daley at his own game and knocked him out in the 1st round. Is it more dangerous? Of course it is, but that is what made it a great fight. Both fighters threw everything on the line. That is why in a year, everyone is still going to be talking about Aldo vs. Hominick or Diaz vs. Daley over St. Pierre vs. Shields. Aldo/Hominick completely overshadowed the main event. Maybe if the main event had actually gotten to the ground once or twice, it would have been an interesting fight.

I used to be a fan of St-Pierre, but I haven't enjoyed any of his recent fights. It's not just about winning. It's about the way you win. That's what makes a great champion. Ever since his loss to Serra, I think the warrior spirit died in GSP.

In regards to the Hardy/Diaz comparison, I have to ask, when has Dan Hardy ever been a great striker? The guy was always middle of the road for me. He was hyped up simply because he could occasionally knock someone out, but his skills aren't very impressive. He's a one dimensional fighter, much like Jake Shields, who has great jiu-jitsu but his stand-up is pretty bad. I knew how the Hardy fight was gonna go, and I was amazed GSP couldn't get a submission the whole fight or even ground and pound him effectively.

With all this in mind, this is why I would prefer to see Diaz vs. GSP over a match-up with Silva. I have no doubt that GSP would lose to Anderson. Even he knows it, which is why he didn't even want to talk about it. At least with Diaz, there's a chance for an interesting match-up because Diaz brings the fight, and he could lose to GSP. The question is, will GSP actually try to engage in a fight?

And I'm not just band wagoner who suddenly thinks GSP is boring because of this last fight. My interest in him has waned considerably for years now. I haven't paid to watch a GSP headlining event unless the card itself was great like UFC 100.
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Old 05-16-2011, 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
That's what I love about the potential Nick Diaz/GSP superfight. Diaz has horrible wrestling and that could lead to another GSP fight that goes five rounds without a finish, but he always pushes the pace, will constantly be on the attack with the amount of punches he throws and his jujitsu is a big threat.
Diaz has some of the best Bjj in the sport. He would ass fuck GSP on the ground.
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Old 05-17-2011, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by Mopar Fanatic View Post
Diaz has some of the best Bjj in the sport. He would ass fuck GSP on the ground.
Nick has better BJJ but GSP is ridiculous when he's on top of you, I dont know if Nick has the strength to pull off a sweep, he could submit him off his back but it would be very hard. Still Nick would work him standing up and it would be a great fight overall.
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Old 05-28-2011, 01:57 PM

Pumped for tonight even though the card took a hit with the loss of Edgar/Maynard 3. Alves/Story should rule, Mighty Mouse/Torres and Stann/Santiago should both be good and Big Country knocking out Muuurrrr would be terrific.
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Old 05-28-2011, 11:24 PM
The only good thing to come out of tonights fights for me is that with that display, I think Rampage just took himself out of the running for an immediate title shot, hopefully they just give it to my boy Machida straight up.
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Old 05-29-2011, 04:24 AM
Originally Posted by DunlopolnuD View Post
The only good thing to come out of tonights fights for me is that with that display, I think Rampage just took himself out of the running for an immediate title shot, hopefully they just give it to my boy Machida straight up.
I agree. Rampage was too apprehensive even though he was clearly the superior fighter. There were a few times he could have probably gotten a TKO on Hammil, but he held back. I don't know what happened, but after Rampage's return to the UFC, he doesn't have the same drive like he used to. It's a shame. I remember a time when I would look forward to all of his fights.

I do think Machida makes the most sense for a title shot, but I'm questioning Jones about his ligament injury. Now it seems like it really was a ploy to get out of the Evans fight, which sucks for Evans because he did the work to get the #1 shot.
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Old 06-10-2011, 02:29 AM
Anybody else jazzed up about tomorrow night? I remember right after Lesnar had to pull out of the card I was kinda shitting on it, thinking it didn't look very good. But the closer it gets, the more excited I get. Not only is the main event gonna be killer, but I'm looking forward to Florian / Nunes and Edwards / Stout a lot. Also Cerrone / Rocha. It's not a top-to-bottom card or anything, but it's got the potential to be better than it is on paper. And it actually isn't that bad on paper.

As for the main event, I don't see Carwin winning. He's always got the chance of KO, but JDS is just too good a boxer to let Carwin hit him. I wouldn't be shocked or anything if Carwin pulled the upset, but my hypothetical money's on JDS.
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Old 06-12-2011, 04:19 PM
That was a good card. I had a feeling this was going to be a match where skill would overcome strength. Junior simply outworked Carwin and exposed a lot of flaws in Carwin's stand up. I've always thought he was sloppy and relied too much on his power. I'm glad he lasted past the 1st round, but I think Carwin needs to radically alter his training. He definitely has the cardio now. It was a nice victory for Junior. I'm glad he won simply because it will be a better match-up with Cain. I've been waiting a long time to see them fight.

The Stout fight was awesome. That was such a vicious knockout. Edwards had dead eyes.

The Florian-Nunes fight was all right. I wasn't terribly impressed by Florian's win. If he had problems with Nunes, there's no way he's going to beat Aldo.
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Old 06-15-2011, 11:55 PM
The JDS / Velasquez fight is a tough one to pick, but I'm going with Velasquez. Cain has better wrestling he can fall back on if he needs to, but he also has good enough technique on the feet that he should be able to hang with JDS there. In any event I think it's the most intriguing heavyweight fight we've seen in the UFC in years.

As for Carwin, yeah, he was just plain outclassed. But by no means should he start being counted out from the heavyweight picture. He probably won't be champion any time soon, at least not with JDS and Cain hanging around, but outside of them he can still beat just about any given heavyweight imo. I agree about Florian's FW debut being a bit disappointing, but maybe the most impressive showing on the card was from Demian Maia. I mean in terms of improvement. I thought he was being all hype with his "my striking has improved" talk leading up to the fight, but man was he right. That first round was really surprising.

Can't wait for this weekend. I expect Josh Barnett to submit Rogers and Overeem to KO Werdum. However comma, I thought Fedor was gonna KO Werdum too and look what happened there. Also the Noons / Masvidal fight should be good. I'll be rooting for KJ, and expect him to win.
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Old 06-16-2011, 08:43 PM
Maia is actually one of my favorite fighters, and although I want him to improve on everything, I hope he doesn't forget where he started. His submission game is what won me over, and what got him a title shot. I hope he really uses the other techniques he's learning to get the fights to the mat. His last two fights have shown a big improvement in his stand-up, but he also hasn't finished, and almost never went to the ground.

Essentially, I want to see him make people cry.

As for this weekend, I think Rogers will rock the shit out of Barnett, but Barnett will survive and (like you said) eventually make Rogers tap. Overeem is going to destroy Werdum, he doesn't know what he's in for. Overeem won't be making the same mistake as Fedor, Fedor practically asked for a submission the way he just jumped in there to finish, I think he'll rock Werdum and pound from the side with hammerfists... I honestly can't remember the last time Overeem jumped into someone's guard.

And agreed with the Noons fight (it should be exciting), I see him getting a TKO over Masvidal.
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Old 06-18-2011, 11:23 PM
Or Rogers will be absolutely pathetic and... goddamnit. He fared no better than James Toney.

Overeem Vs. Silva, and Kharitonov Vs. Barnett are now on the horizon. Despite a crappy performance today, I think the Demolition Man still has what it takes to get the TKO on Silva, but he definitely needs to work on his cardio. I don't see Silva butt-scooting so it should definitely be exciting. I'm really rooting for Kharitonov against Barnett, and I think he is the better striker... I'm not too familiar with his ground game but there's absolutely no way it can be as bad as Rogers. Either Kharitonov by TKO, or Barnett gets caught using again.
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Old 06-18-2011, 11:53 PM
Yeah that was an even worse showing by Rogers than people were expecting, and people were expecting him to suck. Barnett is super annoying with his wrasslin theatrics and speeches, and I've never liked him much, but I gotta respect his ability. He's one of the most solid ground fighters at HW, but I can definitely see Sergei finishing him there, sorta like CroCop did in the 06 OWGP. In fact that's probably what I'll go with when it comes prediction time.

As for Overeem / Werdum, it was disappointing but Overeem still managed to look good by slinging Werdum around a bit. At least in the first two, until the crappy third. I really think Bigfoot Silva is gonna get him on the ground and control him, similar to what he did to Fedor. I'm thinking it will be Silva / Kharitonov in the final, and right now I'm leaning toward Bigfoot winning the whole thing. I don't know though, it depends on how Sergei looks when he fights Barnett.

I was disappointed that Noons lost, but it was a good fight. I thought KJ took the second, but apparently the judges disagreed. I knew Masvidal was gonna be dangerous for him but I expected KJ to be more technical and catch him at some point.

This wasn't a bad night of fights, but it wasn't a really good one either.
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Old 06-19-2011, 02:59 PM
Who knew the Noons vs. Masvidal matchup would end up being the fight of the night? Gotta hand it to Noons. The guy never stops even when he's getting his ass kicked. He's had two hard losses, but I give him all the credit in the world. Masvidal showed a great performance but I'm disappointed that he decided to hold Noons down in the final round. If I was the ref, I would have stood him up because it was obvious he wasn't planning on doing anything. That soured his win just a little for me. I think fighters shouldn't be allowed to just hold people down like that, just like how Barnett did that for an entire fucking round. It reminded of the awful Hughes vs. Serra fight where that's all Hughes did and "won" the fight. I hate that tactic, and you should be docked points for doing it.

Man, those headlining fights weren't fun to watch at all. Barnet laid on top for a whole round and then got an easy submission, and then Werdum was punking Overeem and beating him to the punch a few times. It wasn't a great win for either fighter. Why? Barnett has a limited amount of people he can pull that shit with. Maybe he'll get lucky with Kharitonov, but it won't work against Silva or Overeem.

Overeem won, but what Werdum did was make him look like the Overeem from a few years ago. He was stiff, threw one punch at a time, lacked confidence... I could see why Silva had a big smile on his face when he saw this fight. I think he could take either fighter. Werdum didn't have the power to keep Overeem down, but I think Silva can, and that's how he might end up beating him.
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